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Set up a Java KeyStore key store

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Set up a Java KeyStore key store

You can use a Java KeyStore key store to store encryption keys.

Before you begin

You must use the Java 1.8 version of the keytool utility. A copy of the utility can be found in <proxy install dir>/java/jre/bin/keytool.


  1. Set up the key store properties.
    1. Change to the <installation directory>/conf/ directory.
    2. Open the file.
    3. Enter the properties for the key store.
      Table 1. Properties for a Java KeyStore key store
      Property Description
      edgeencryption.keystore.path Path and Java KeyStore file name.
      edgeencryption.keystore.password Password the proxy uses to connect to the KeyStore.
      An example for a Java KeyStore key store.
      edgeencryption.keystore.path = keystore/keystore.jceks
      edgeencryption.keystore.password = password
  2. Save and close the file.