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Dictionary attributes

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Dictionary attributes

You can add Edge Encryption dictionary attributes to tables and fields.

To set a Edge Encryption dictionary attribute to true, you must enter attribute=true in the Attributes field. To add a dictionary attribute to a record, see Dictionary attributes.
Table 1. Edge Encryption dictionary attributes
Name Value Target element Description Default value
Edge Encryption Excluded [edge_encryption_excluded] true/false field or table When set to true, the field or table cannot be encrypted. False
Edge Encryption Enabled [edge_encryption_enabled] true/false field

When set to true, the field is eligible for encryption through an encryption configuration. Because this attribute is used by the system and cannot be modified, it is not always displayed to the user.

Note: This attribute does not indicate that a field is encrypted, nor does it trigger any encryption logic on the field. Rather, the attribute determines the possibility of the field being encrypted by a user.
True for String fields
Edge Encryption Clear Text Allowed [edge_encryption_clear_text_allowed] true/false field When set to true, allows server-side scripts to append non-encrypted data to an encrypted string within the field for user actions performed through the proxy server, or any server-side automated scripts, such as scheduled jobs. False