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Take an assessment

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Take an assessment

Assessments that are assigned to you appear in your assessment and survey queue as a card that displays the assessment name, state, due date, and the associated incident number. Click Take Survey when you are ready.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

Overdue surveys and assessments are marked with a red icon and red due date. You must answer every required question, indicated by a red bar, before you can submit the assessment as complete. If you start to take an assessment but cannot complete it, save your responses and return to it later. When you have answered all the questions and are satisfied with the responses, submit the assessment.

By default, you cannot modify your answers to an assessment after submission. However, if the administrator has configured an assessment to allow retakes, you can edit your answers and resubmit the questionnaire. Completed assessments configured for retake remain in the queue until their due date and display the Modify Assessment button on the card.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > My Assessments & Surveys.
    Note: Users with the assessment_admin role can display other users' assessments and surveys in addition to their own. Use the Show all and Show assigned to me related links to show and hide assessments and surveys. Click a card assigned to another user to open the associated metric type or survey definition.
  2. On the assessment card, note the due date.
    Note: Depending on the configuration, you may receive email notifications to remind you of the due date.
  3. Click Take Assessment to open the questionnaire.
    Assessment questionnaires are arranged in sections: first by record, then by category. Each record appears as a section title. Questions for the record appear below, grouped by category. Each category appears as a subsection below the record name. Click the collapse icon (Collapse icon) or expand icon (Expand icon) to hide or show the questions in a category, or all the categories and questions for a record. Colored bars indicate the status of each question.
    Assessment questionnaire form
  4. Answer each question to the best of your ability. Point to a question for more information.
    Tooltip for an assessment metric

    If you are unsure of how to respond to a question or if a question does not apply to a particular record, select Not Applicable, if available.

  5. Read any assertions present at the end of the assessment and acknowledge with a signature, if required.

    A signature can require you to select a check box or authenticate your full name, which the system displays in a read-only field. You cannot submit your answers to the assessment until you provide the required signature.

  6. Save or submit the assessment.
    • Save: Saves your responses without submitting them. You can close the questionnaire and access it later from your queue.
    • Submit: Submits the completed assessment when you are finished.
  7. If prompted, enter your user name and password to verify your full name signature.

    If all the questions are answered with valid values, a success message appears. If the system detects an unanswered mandatory question or invalid response, the assessment is not submitted, and a message appears at the top of the questionnaire explaining the error. Questions with problems are temporarily highlighted.

    Error messages for invalid responses
  8. You can modify your responses to the assessment until its due date. To update your answers and resubmit an assessment that permits retakes, click Modify Assessment.