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Schedule an assessment

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Schedule an assessment

After you have evaluated your questionnaires using on-demand assessments, edit your categories and metrics as needed, reset your metric type record, and select the users who are qualified to evaluate the assessable records.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin or admin


  1. Open the metric type you created for the on-demand assessment and set the Schedule type to Scheduled.
  2. Make sure the categories and metrics you created for the on-demand assessment are correct.
  3. Create category users who have special knowledge of your categories.
  4. Create stakeholders by associating category users to specific assessable records.
  5. Set a schedule for automatic assessment generation or generate the assessment manually. This procedure must be done by a system administrator.
  6. Configure email notifications to remind users of their assigned assessments and to report to managers when an employee misses an assessment deadline.
  7. Analyze the assessment ratings in an assessment scorecard or decision matrix.