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Edit a quiz

Edit a quiz

You can update a quiz after the quiz has been distributed.

Before you begin

Role required: assessment_admin or admin

About this task

  • Questions that you add are available only on quizzes that are distributed after the update.
  • Before a quiz is submitted or during the retake period:
    • Changes to existing questions are immediately available to users. This includes changes to the answers, such as additional choices or changes to the data type.
    • Deleted questions are deleted from distributed quizzes in users' queues.


  1. Open the quiz: Group the Service Details form with one of the following options:

    Option Action
    Quizzes > Quiz Designer

    Point to the menu icon in the quiz header bar and select Load Quiz.

    Quizzes > Quizzes

    Right-click a quiz in the list and select Quiz Designer.

    Quizzes > Quizzes

    Open a quiz from the list and click Quiz Designer in the header of the Assessment Metric Type form.