Assessment roles

The Assessments application requires certain roles to perform assessment tasks. No role is required to take assessment questionnaires that are assigned to you.

Role Title Role Name Description
Assessment administrator assessment_admin Assessment administrators set up assessments. They know which records to evaluate, the criteria on which to evaluate the records, and who to assign assessments to.
Note: By default, users with the assessment_admin role have limited system rights and might not have access to all source records to assess. When planning assessments, grant additional roles to assessment administrators as needed. For example, to create and manage vendor assessments, the assessment administrator must also have the vendor_manager role, which grants access to the Company table and other relevant tables.
ITIL user itil ITIL users perform basic technician operations in the system. In the Assessments application, they have read access to the Assessable Record table.
Administrator admin Administrators have access to all aspects of the assessment process. Only administrators can set up assessment schedules.