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List each distinction and change

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List each distinction and change

The next step in structured problem analysis is to define distinctions and changes for each Is and Is not pair previously defined in the WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN sections.

About this task

This information helps problem managers to focus on recent changes that may have caused the problem.

List each distinction and each change.


  1. Navigate to Structured Problem Analysis > Problem Analysis.
  2. Open the relevant problem analysis record.
  3. In the Distinctions and Changes related list, click New.
  4. Fill in the fields (see table).
  5. Click Submit.
    Figure 1. Distinctions and Changes
    Table 1. Listing Distinctions and Changes
    Field Description
    Problem [Read-only] The problem statement value, which combines the object and the deviation from the Problem Analysis form.
    Problem area The relevant Is value that this distinction and change applies to.
    Distinction The distinctive aspect about this area.
    Change Any changed aspect in this area.
    Note: Deleting a problem object, such as a What object(s)? item, deletes all distinctions and changes records defined for that object.

    Viewing and Editing Distinctions and Changes

    You can open an existing distinctions and changes record by by clicking the relevant Is value in:
    • The D & C lists in WHAT, WHERE, or WHEN section of the form.
    • The Distinctions and Changes related list.
    Figure 2. Edit D and C

    You can make changes to this form, as required.

    Viewing Problem Areas

    You can inspect both problem areas and individual distinctions and changes records from the Distinctions and Changes related list of a problem analysis record.
    Figure 3. D and C What
    Click the Problem area entry for the item to view the problem area and a list of distinctions and changes records for that area.
    Figure 4. Edit Problem Area