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Create a situation appraisal

Create a situation appraisal

Situation appraisals clarify the situation, allowing problem managers and ITIL users to outline concerns, choose a direction, and select priorities if there are multiple problems.

About this task

Situation appraisals can be added to incidents or problems.
  • Within incident management, situation appraisal can enable faster restoration of service and a more satisfying outcome for users and customers.
  • Within problem management, problem managers can use the information in a problem record to generate a corresponding problem analysis record, with data populated from the problem record.

To enter a situation appraisal:


  1. Navigate to the relevant problem or incident record.
  2. Locate the Situation Appraisal section.
  3. Fill in the fields (see table).
    Figure 1.
    Situation appraisal related list
  4. Click Update.
    Table 1. Situation appraisal fields
    Field Description
    Situation appraisal A brief statement of the situation.
    Current impact The current impact of the situation.
    Future impact Any anticipated future consequences of the situation.
    Timeframe Any time constraints and deadlines.