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Associate a schedule template to matching records

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Associate a schedule template to matching records

Templates are added to a maintenance schedule so the appropriate requests and tasks, such as work orders and facilities requests, can be automatically generated when a maintenance schedule runs.

Before you begin

Role required: SM admin

About this task

A maintenance schedule runs and the requests or orders are generated, when a scheduled job called Planned Maintenance Nightly Run evaluates the schedule and determines that the meter or interval criteria in the schedule is met or exceeded. You can Run a scheduled job to execute a maintenance schedule to run at a day or time convenient for your business.

Each automatically-generated service order is linked to the record under maintenance in a few ways:
  • Each service order's Record table and Record ID fields are always populated with the table name and ID of the record under maintenance.
  • If the record under maintenance is a configuration item, the service orders Affected CI field are populated.


  1. Create a maintenance plan.
  2. Add a Filter condition to identify those records for which you want to apply the maintenance plan.
    Note: You may want to click the refresh (picture of the refresh icon, showing two horizontal arrows going opposite directions) icon to display the number of matching records.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Define or select a maintenance schedule.
  5. In the Maintenance Schedules related list, click the name of the schedule.
    In the Maintenance Schedule form, a Schedule Templates related list appears.
  6. In the Schedule Templates related list, click Edit.
    The Edit Members slush bucket displays all of the service order, work management, and facilities request- templates defined using any of the following applications:
    • Product Catalog > Templates > Work Order Templates
    • Product Catalog > Product Model > Facilities Request Templates
  7. Move the templates you want to apply to the matching record from the Collection bucket to the Model List bucket, and click Save.
  8. In the Maintenance Schedule header, click the Back icon.

    Work orders or facilities requests created by the scheduled jobs running on the associated records now contain the selected template.