Client scripts installed with Field Service Management

Client scripts

Field Service Management adds the following client scripts.

Table 1. Client scripts for Field Service Management
Client script Table Description
Populate Short Description Expense Line


Automatically populates the short description of expense lines with the work order short description when expense lines are manually created from work orders. Cost Management must be activated.
Hide End Date Fields Work Order


Hide estimated_end when the request-driven process is used and hide expected_end when task-driven is used.
Update UI on load and model change Asset Usage


Show/Hide Task Map section Work Order Task


This section of the map displays the location of the task and also shows the agents in the vicinity. This section needs to be visible only when the task is in the Pending Dispatch state.
Part requirement activation Work Order


Hides part requirements on the Work Order form if part requirements are not activated in Field Service Configuration.
Update Model and Quantity based on Asset Asset Usage