Complete an employment verification request

You can generate an employment verification letter when an employee requests one. The letter is generated from a button in the Employee Data Management Case form.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic or hr_case_writer

About this task

The employment verification letter is generated as a PDF. You can print and mail the letter, or attach it to an email from the Employee Data Management Case form.


  1. Open an employment verification request and click Start Work.
  2. Review the contact information provided by the employee in the Description field.
  3. (Optional) To obtain missing information, complete the following steps.
    1. Click Suspend.
    2. Select User as the reason and enter the information you require in Work Note field.
      The employee receives an email notification with your comment about the missing information. After the employee adds the information, you receive an email notification that the information was added in a comment.
    3. Reopen the employment verification request and click Resume.
  4. The default employee verification letter displays. Click the Lookup using list icon to select a different PDF Template.
  5. To generate the letter as a PDF, click Generate Document.
    The letter opens in the Edit document page.
  6. Edit the letter.
  7. Click Sign to draw your signature.
  8. Click Accept.
    The letter is generated as a PDF and added to the case as an attachment. You can manage it as you would any attachment. The case is set to the Awaiting Acceptance state and the employee who requested the letter is sent notification to review and close the request.
  9. To send the letter, click Send Email.
  10. Verify the email address. Click OK to send the email.
  11. After receiving acceptance from the employee, change the State to Closed Complete.
  12. Click Update to save and remain on the Employee Data Management Case form or Save to save and return to the Employee Data Management Cases list.