Create or modify an offboarding task template

Offboarding task templates allow you to define assignment tasks for employees leaving the company.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_admin or hr_basic

About this task

You can create offboarding task templates or modify existing ones.


  1. Navigate to HR - Administration > Catalog & Templates > Offboardiong Task Templates.
    The Task templates list opens and displays offboarding task templates.
  2. Click New to create an offboarding template or open an existing template to modify.
  3. The Task templates page opens.
  4. Edit the fields as needed.
    Table 1. HR task template fields
    Field Description
    Name Unique and descriptive name for this template.
    Active Check to activate the template.
    HR Category The group of HR catalog items associated with the offboarding task template.
    Condition Use the following to create conditions that when met, trigger the use of the offboarding task template.

    Default templates have the conditions left blank. Default templates are assigned to all offboarded employees.

    Add Filter Condition Click after the first condition is defined to add more conditions. Skip to the choose field to create first condition.
    And "OR" Clause Click to create more conditions. Skip to the choose field to create first condition.
    --choose field-- Select a filter condition.
    --oper-- Select how to filter the condition
    --value-- Click and select a value defining the filter condition.
    • Location in --choose field--
    • is in --oper--
    • California in --value--
    Creates a condition that assigns this template to all offboarded employees in California.
    Description Information about this offboarding task template.
  5. Click the Form context header and Save to save the template and remain on the Task templates Onboarding page or Submit and return to the Task templates page.
  6. To assign offboarding tasks, click Edit.
    Table 2. HR task template fields
    Field Description
    Add filter Click to add more filters. To run one filter, go to --choose field--.
    Run filter Click after entering the filter criteria to narrow your search of tasks.
    --choose field-- Select a filter to narrow your search of tasks.
    --oper-- Select how to filter the condition.
    --value-- Enter a value to filter.

    You can select Assignment group, is, and enter HR to display only tasks assigned to HR.

    Collection Select and move onboarding tasks to the right column.

    Tasks are defined in HR Templates.

  7. Click Save and the Task templates page displays.