Customer service email channel

Customers can send emails to create new cases and update current cases. They can also receive email updates from customer service agents as cases progress.

Setting up the email channel

Customer Service Management uses the Email Accounts application to create and maintain email accounts. The system administrator can create multiple incoming email addresses that customers can use to communicate with customer service agents. The system administrator can also create one outgoing email address.

After the incoming and outgoing email addresses are created, the system administrator can set these properties for the email communication channel:
  • One of the incoming email addresses that automatically creates a new case.
  • Prefix to include in the subject line of an email to any of the incoming email addresses that automatically creates a new case.
  • Creation of new cases for customers who are not currently in the system.

The system administrator can also create a channel configuration to associate any of the incoming email addresses with specific products.

Creating, viewing, and updating cases

Customers can create a new case by sending an email to a designated address. They can also create a new case for a specific product by sending an email to a designated address and including the product name in the subject line. Or, if a channel configuration has been created, customers can send an email to a designated address regardless of the information included in the subject line.

After submitting a case by email, customers receive a confirmation reply with the assigned case number and a link to the case form. Any time an agent updates a case with additional comments, the customer receives these updates by email.

Customers can view and update an existing case by replying directly to an email from a customer service agent or by creating a new email and including the case prefix followed by the case number in the subject line. For example: Case:CS0000011.
Note: If the case number is incorrect in the subject line, a new case will be created.

Accepting and rejecting solutions

When an agent proposes a solution to a case, the customer receives an email with instructions for accepting or rejecting the solution. The customer can reply and include Accept or Reject in the first line of the email, or the customer can click the Accept or Reject link in the email.

When an agent closes a case, two emails are sent to the customer. The first email states that the case has been closed, and the second email includes a link to a customer satisfaction survey.
Note: If a customer accepts a solution or closes a case from the customer portal, they are automatically routed to the survey and will not receive the survey email.