Account hierarchy

Use the account hierarchy feature to create a parent-child relationship between accounts.

An account hierarchy represents the legal entity structure of the accounts and their relationships. It also represents an account's customers, assets, and service entitlements.

Creating an account hierarchy allows customer administrators to do the following for all of the accounts in the hierarchy:
  • View and create cases
  • View assets and users
  • View and manage contacts

It also enables contacts of the parent account to access all of the child accounts.

The system administrator can define the hierarchy between accounts by selecting the parent in the Parent Account field on the Account form for the child account. If this field is not filled in, the account is a top-level account.

After the account hierarchy has been defined, it is displayed in a tree map on the Account form for the parent account. If a parent account is updated or deleted, the hierarchy for any child accounts is also updated.
Figure 1. Account hierarchy tree map
Account hierarchy tree map on Account form