Extend the Qualys scanner

The Qualys scanner included with the base system provides a baseline integration to initiate scans based on IP addresses. Qualys provides a REST API to launch scans. You can view and edit the outbound REST message sent to Qualys.

Before you begin

Role required: web_service_admin


  1. Navigate to System Web Services > Outbound > REST Message.
  2. Locate and click Qualys-VMScan-Default.
  3. If needed, modify the Endpoint host address to match a different Qualys endpoint.
  4. In the HTTP Methods related list, click post.
  5. Edit the Basic auth profile field with valid Qualys credentials for your organization.
  6. Modify the endpoint and various query parameters to launch a scan that meets the needs of your organization.
    Note: The IP query parameter is the only parameter that is scan-specific and updated by the scanner implementation.
  7. Click Update.