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Add a third-party vulnerability scanner

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Add a third-party vulnerability scanner

You can integrate Vulnerability Response with third-party vulnerability scanners to scan and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Before you begin

Before you add a third-party scanning service, obtain a license or account to use that service. Often, an API key or API credentials must be obtained to facilitate the integration.

Role required: sn_vul.vulnerability_admin

About this task

A vulnerability scanner lets you launch a vulnerability scan with a third-party vulnerability vendor. You can modify and extend the baseline Qualys scanner that is provided in the baseline system, or you can create a scanner. All scanners must extend VulnerabilityScannerBase.


  1. Navigate to Vulnerability > Scanning > Scanners.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields, as needed.
    Table 1. Vulnerability Scanner form
    Field Description
    Name Enter a name for the vulnerability scanner.
    Active Select this check box to activate this vulnerability scanner.
    Application The application that owns this scanner.
    Default To make this scanner the default vulnerability scanner, select this check box.
    Note: Set at least default scanner, or related links for initiating scans in Security Incident Response (if activated) and on the Vulnerable Item form are not available.
    Scanner factory script Enter a script to construct the scanner implementation that is defined by a script include. The script include must extend VulnerabilityScannerBase, and provide the mechanism that makes scan requests. The last line of the script must be the constructed integration implementation.
  4. Click Submit.