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Tables installed with Vulnerability Response

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Tables installed with Vulnerability Response

Vulnerability Response adds the following tables.
Table Description
Common Weakness Enumeration


A catalog of common software weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
Discovery Model Vulnerable Software Match


Used to supplement the matching of vulnerable software to a discovery model.
National Vulnerability Database Entry


A documented vulnerability from the NIST National Vulnerability Database.
NVD Data Feeds


A NIST National Vulnerability Database feed.


A scan record to trigger the launch of a scan with a third-party vulnerability scanner.
Scheduled Import Pool


A collection of scheduled import set records used to facilitate simultaneous data source imports.
Third Party Vulnerability Entry


A documented vulnerability from a third-party source.
Vulnerable Item


A task to address a configuration item with a detected vulnerability.
Vulnerable Software


Software that is known to have certain vulnerabilities.


A task to address the resolution of an entire vulnerability entry.
Vulnerability Calculator


A calculator to set certain vulnerable item fields when certain conditions are met.
Vulnerability Calculator Group


A grouping of vulnerability calculators. The order of the calculator group determines which group is evaluated first, and in each group, one calculator at most is used.
Vulnerability Data Source Import Queue Entry


A queue for attachments before they are processed by a data source. Utilized by vulnerability integrations.
Vulnerability Entry


A documented vulnerability.
Vulnerability Integration


A schedulable record to import vulnerability data from an external source.
Vulnerability Integration Data Source


Data source to use with a vulnerability integration.
Vulnerability Integration Process


Record to store a single process occurrence for a vulnerability integration.
Vulnerability Integration Run


Record to store vulnerability integration invocations.
Vulnerability Item Task


Vulnerable items associated with problems, changes, and security incidents.
Vulnerability Reference


External references for known vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Scanner


Configuration record for each third-party vulnerability scanner integration.
Vulnerability Software


Record to store associations between vulnerabilities and vulnerable software.
Vulnerability State Change Approval


Record for tracking the approval process for vulnerabilities.