Script includes installed with Vulnerability Response

Vulnerability Response adds the following script includes.
Script include Description
CVSSUtil Common Vulnerability Scoring System utility.
CWEKnowledgeHtmlBuilder A class that builds a knowledge article from CWE data
CWEReportProcessor An integration processor for Common Weakness Enumeration integration.
CWERestIntegration Integration that retrieves Common Weakness Enumeration data via a REST call.
DataSourceVulnReportRefreshProcessor Default/Reference implementation of VulnerabilityReportProcessorBase. Takes processor data and passes it to configured data sources associated with the integration.
NVDHelper Utility class for parsing out NVD entries.
NVDIntegration The NIST National Vulnerability Database logic.
QualysVulnerabilityScanner Reference implementation of a third-party vulnerability scanner that extends VulnerabilityScannerBase to launch scans with Qualys.
ScriptedRESTVulnerabilityIntegration Vulnerability Integration that utilizes Scripted REST Services to push vulnerability data into the system.
SoftwareVulnerabilityMatcher Contains logic to match vulnerable software to a discovery model.
VulnerabilityAJAX Contains various AJAX functions for use in Vulnerability Response.
VulnerabilityDSAttachmentManager As vulnerability integrations add attachments to data sources for processing, this script include manages the execution of the data sources and transformations.
VulnerabilityIntegrationBase An integration interface that other integrations extend. Implementing classes retrieve data to pass to a processor.
VulnerabilityIntegrationController Controller class to manage vulnerability integration script executions.
VulnerabilityIntegrationUtils Utility class to assist with the managing of vulnerability integration runs and processes.
VulnerabilityReportProcessorBase A processor interface for new report processors to extend. The implementing class will parse the payload from an interface.
VulnerabilityScannerBase A scanner integration interface that other scanner integrations extend. Implementing classes use this interface as a base script to launch scans with third-party vulnerability scanners.
VulnerabilityScanUtil Utility class for managing vulnerability scans.
VulnerabilityTransformMapUtil Utility class for transforming a raw vulnerability report.
VulnerabilityUtils Contains various APIs to support Vulnerability Response.