Vulnerability calculators

Vulnerability calculators are used to prioritize and categorize vulnerabilities based on your custom criteria, from the importance of the business services relying on the affected services to the title of the assigned owner of the system. The calculators are grouped based on the criteria used to determine how the records are updated.

The Vulnerability Response base system includes the following vulnerability calculator group and calculator. Within each group, the first calculator that matches the vulnerable item will run.

Table 1. Vulnerability calculators in the base system
Vulnerability calculator group name Calculators included in group Description
Vulnerability Criticality Score and Service Based Criticality This calculator determines the business criticality of a vulnerable item based on its CVSS score and the criticality level of the most impacted business service.

When you create and save a new vulnerable item, the Score and Service Based Criticality calculator runs on the vulnerable item. It calculates the business criticality based on the item CVSS score and the criticality level of the impacted business services.

For an existing vulnerable item, users can click the Calculate Criticality related link to run the calculator for the vulnerable item.