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Agent auto-assignment using skills

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Agent auto-assignment using skills

Agents can be auto-assigned based on the agent's skills and the skills required to perform the task. Assign skills to an agent's user records using Skills > Users.

Auto-assignment by skills can be performed if the Auto-selection of agents for tasks requires them to have skills configuration option must be set to all or some.

When a task that includes skills is auto-assigned, each agent's skills are compared with the skills required to perform the task and a rating is calculated based on the skills configuration option. If the option is set to some, the agent with the closest skills match is auto-assigned the task. If the option is set to all, only agents who possess all of the required skills will be considered. If no agents possess all of the skills required to perform the task, no one is auto-assigned.

An agent's skills rating is calculated as:


  • Skills_agent is the number of skills possessed by the agent that match the skills required for the task.
  • Skills_task is the total number of skills required for the task.
For example, if a task requires 4 skills, and Agent A possesses three of them and Agent B possesses two of them:
  • Agent A's skill rating = 3/4 or 0.75
  • Agent B's skill rating = 2/4 or 0.5

If the application is configured to use other selection criteria, such as location or time zone, the ratings of all selection criteria are weighted and summed up, and the agent with the highest overall rating is selected for the task. See Agent auto-assignment using multiple selection criteria for details.