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Agent auto-assignment using rating-based criteria

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Agent auto-assignment using rating-based criteria

Rating-based methods, such as location, skills, and time zones, help you auto-assign agents based on configuration settings and optional properties. The calculated ratings are used to determine the best agent for the security incident or response task.

Any combination of rating-based methods can be enabled in the application configuration screen.

When a task is created, a rating for each type of enabled selection criteria is calculated for each available agent. The agent whose total rating is highest is considered for auto-assignment.

The settings for the auto-assignment weighting properties, found in Security Incident > Administration > Properties, are included in the rating calculations.

These values help you prioritize which auto-assignment selection criteria is more important to your organization. The priority values should be between 1 (less important) and 10 (very important).

For an example of how the weighting properties affect agent ratings, see Agent auto-assignment using multiple selection criteria.