Configure host detection and ticket integrations

After you have set up API credentials and pulled historical data from the Qualys knowledge base, you can configure the integration for scheduled data retrieval.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_vul_qualys.admin


  1. Navigate to Qualys Vulnerability Integration > Administration > Primary Integrations.
  2. Open the Qualys Host Detection Integration record.
  3. Click the Integration Details tab, and set the Start time to the initial date from which you want to begin retrieving data.
    Note: With default configurations, both open and closed vulnerabilities are retrieved; consequently, this can result in a large set of data. The earliest start time used should be around the start of the customer’s scanning cycle. So if it takes a week before all hosts are scanned, this value should be set to a week prior to installation time.
  4. Save the record and, optionally, click Execute Now.
  5. Repeat steps 1 though 4 for the Qualys Ticket Integration record.