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Web services release notes

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Web services release notes

Web services enhancements and updates in the Helsinki release.

New in the Helsinki release

Excel web service XLSX support
The Excel web service supports exporting to the XLSX file format in addition to the XLS format. Use XLSX in place of XLS whenever possible for optimal performance.
Example REST client apps
Several example REST client applications and source code are available to demonstrate integrations using REST web services.
Web service API analytics
Track and analyze web service API usage, such as REST and SOAP web services.

Changed in this release

  • The glide.soap.invalidate_session_timeout and glide.soap.request_processing_timeout properties enforce a minimum value of 5 seconds, and a maximum value of 1200 seconds.
  • You can configure web service import sets to process insertMultiple operations asynchronously by activating the Insert multiple asynchronous mode business rule.
  • Outbound SOAP messages support WS-Security using Basic Auth, in addition to X.509 certificates.
  • The odbc role was added as a convenient way to grant access to an instance through the ODBC driver. This role contains the soap_query role needed to make ODBC requests, and the itil role needed to access core tables such as Incident.
  • You can submit a multi-factor authentication token with basic auth credentials to perform REST requests using an MFA-enabled user account.
  • Web service sessions time out if inactive for longer than the limit set by the glide.integration.session_timeout property.