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Visual Task Boards release notes

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Visual Task Boards release notes

Enhancements and updates to ServiceNow® Visual Task Boards in the Helsinki release.

Activation information

Visual Task Boards are active by default on new instances. For upgraded instances, you can activate the Visual Task Boards plugin (com.glide.ui.vtb) if you have the admin role.

User interface requirements

UI16 or UI15 is required to use Visual Task Boards.

Browser requirements

  • The latest public release of Firefox or Firefox ESR
  • The latest public release of Chrome
  • Safari version 6.1 and later
  • Internet Explorer version 10 and later
    • Edge mode is supported.
    • Compatibility mode is not supported.
    • Setting Security Mode to High (via the Internet Options > Security tab) is not supported.
    • Internet Explorer 11 is susceptible to memory leaks, which may impact performance, especially in Windows 7.
  • Access Visual Task Boards on your mobile device using either a browser or the native mobile app. See Supported devices for the mobile browser or Supported devices for the mobile app for more information.

New in the Helsinki release

Modify the query for an existing board
For flexible and guided boards, which display cards from a task table, the board owner can edit the filter conditions that determine which tasks the board tracks. For example, you can edit the filter so the board shows only active incidents, rather than all incidents.
Lane field pivots
For flexible and guided boards, the board owner can change which field on the underlying table defines the lanes. For example, you can change the lane field so the lanes represent incident states, rather than assignees. Lane field pivots also make it possible to convert a flexible board to a guided board or vice versa.
Drag and drop lanes
Board members can rearrange lanes simply by dragging them. Arrow icons no longer appear at the bottom of each lane.
Archive all cards in a lane
Board members can archive all the cards in a lane at once, rather than individually.

Changed in the Helsinki release

  • Minor design changes improve accessibility and user experience.
  • Visual Task Boards can display up to 2,000 cards by default. This increased limit applies to all board types and, for upgrades, overwrites any custom card limits that were configured.
  • Several options are consolidated under a new menu (Lane options menu icon), which appears in each lane header. The lane menu provides access to the following actions:
    • Add Task
    • Archive All Tasks
    • Hide Lane
    • Delete Lane
  • The board information popover displays additional details.
    • Table name (flexible and guided boards only)
    • Lane field (flexible and guided boards only)
  • The ability to view the list on which a flexible or guided board is based has changed. The Show List link appears by the table name in the board information popover, and navigates away from the board to the list. This link replaces a button in the board header, which opened a list within the board interface.
  • Pressing the Escape key while dragging a card or lane cancels the move.
  • The default background color is gray for all board types.