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User interface release notes

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User interface release notes

Enhancements and updates to the ServiceNow® user interface (UI) in the Helsinki release.

UI16 is the most recent of the supported UI versions. These release notes apply to UI16 only. There are no enhancements to the previous UI versions, called UI15 and UI11.

Activation information

UI16 is the default user interface for new instances. For upgraded instances, you can activate the UI16 plugin (com.glide.ui.ui16) if you have the admin role.

Browser requirements

See Generally supported browsers.

New in the Helsinki release

Activity stream mentions
Get someone's attention on a record by mentioning them with the @ character in an activity stream. By default, users receive email notifications when they are mentioned. If Connect is enabled, users can receive additional notifications.

Changed in the Helsinki release

  • Clicking an avatar in an activity stream opens a popover that contains the profile information of the user. If Connect is enabled, the popover contains a shortcut to send the user a direct message.
  • The help icon (Help icon) in the banner frame opens help options in a sidebar, rather than a popover.
  • The system settings menu, which is available in the banner frame, contains some new and reorganized options. The Lists section is added.
  • The form personalization icon is updated (Form personalization icon). In previous releases, the icon looks like a gear.
  • You can delete an item from your favorites by pointing to the item in the favorites tab of the application navigator and clicking the delete icon (-).