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Service Portal release notes

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Service Portal release notes

ServiceNow® Service Portal is a new application in the Helsinki release.

Create modern and engaging web interfaces for services and applications running on the ServiceNow platform. For details, see the Service Portal documentation.

Activation information

Service Portal is not active by default.

Browser requirements

  • Modern browsers
  • Internet Explorer version 10 and later

Changes in this release

This is an initial release, however any changes made to release patches are listed below.
  • getCatalogItem scriptable API: In Helsinki Patch 9a, the getCatalogItem(String itemID) method is being changed to getCatalogItem(String itemID, boolean isOrdering), which includes the old method but calls the new method, passing false to the isOrdering parameter.

    The isOrdering parameter indicates whether the system does a create roles security check or a write roles security check on a Service Catalog item's variables. By default the system does a check on write roles. When users are first ordering an item or have it in their cart, the parameter checks the create roles. If users aren't in the process of ordering, for example, if they were looking at a requested item to see the variables associated with that item, then the parameter checks the write roles.

    This change affects the SC catalog item widget, the order guide widget, and the shopping cart widget. Any users who have cloned those widgets or who have a widget that uses the $sp.getCatalogItem call need to update their methods to the new method signature. If you don't update the method calls, the variables will go through a write roles check.