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Lists release notes

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Lists release notes

Enhancements and updates to lists in the Helsinki release.

List v3 is a new feature, which provides several enhancements to UI16 lists. These release notes apply to List v3 lists only. There are no enhancements to the previous version of lists, called List v2. For more information, see Comparison of List v2 and List v3.

Activation information

You can activate the List v3 plugin (com.glide.ui.list_v3) if you have the admin role. This plugin activates related plugins if they are not already active.
Note: List v3 may impact performance and should be tested thoroughly prior to activation on a production instance.

User interface requirements

List v3 requires UI16. In UI15 and UI11, all lists display in List v2. Even when List v3 is enabled, some UI16 lists may display in List v2. For details, see List v3 compatibility.

Browser requirements

  • The latest public release of Firefox or Firefox ESR
  • The latest public release of Chrome
  • Safari version 6.1 and later
  • The latest public release of Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer version 10 and later
    • Edge mode is supported.
    • Compatibility mode is not supported.
    • Setting Security Mode to High (via the Internet Options > Security tab) is not supported.

New in the Helsinki release

Split mode
Split mode lets users view lists and forms side by side in a split pane layout. In split mode, records are listed in a compact format.
Redesigned filter interface
The list filter interface is redesigned for a better user experience, including a cleaner look and enhancements to the dot-walking interface.
Multiple levels of sorting
The list sorting interface lets users add multiple levels of sorting. For example, users can sort a list of incidents by state, then sort incidents of the same state by date opened.
Enhanced list grouping
The list grouping interface makes it easier to visualize and compare list data at a glance with quick filtering options and graphical breakdowns of grouped data.
List calculation previews
The list calculation interface makes it possible to preview calculations instantly and configure calculations for all columns at once.

Changed in this release

  • UI policies are enforced during list editing.
  • Avatars appear in columns that reference the User [sys_user] table. If user presence is enabled, online indicators appear on the avatars.
  • The personalize list gear icon is replaced by the Personalize List Columns option in the list title menu. The list personalization interface is improved.
  • It is no longer necessary to avoid using reference fields as the first list column. Links in the first column of a list now open the record from the current list, even if the first column is a reference field. If the first column is a reference field, the open reference value icon (Open reference value icon) appears by each value. Click the icon to open the record from the referenced table.
  • Paging controls are moved from the top of the list to the list footer, which is pinned to the bottom of the page for easy access.
  • The tagging interface is redesigned.
  • The following list options are added to the list title menu for better organization.
    • Personalize List Columns (previously represented by a gear icon to the left of the first list column)
    • List Layout (previously in the list column menu under Configure option)
    • List Calculations (previously in list column menu under Configure option)
    • List Control (previously in list column menu under Configure option)
    • Configure (previously in list column menu)
    • Import (previously in list column menu)
    • Export (previously in list column menu)
    • Update All (previously in list column menu)
    • Update Selected (previously in list column menu)
    • Create Application Files (previously in list column menu)
    • Import XML (previously in list column menu)
  • The following options are removed from the list title menu.
    • Filters (click the Load Filter button in the filter interface to access saved filters)
    • Group By
    • Show (moved to list footer)
    • Refresh List (replaced by a refresh icon (Refresh icon) in the list title bar)
  • The list action check box to select all records is moved to the top of the list.
  • The list action choice menu appears only when one or more records are selected.
  • The reference icon displays a record preview when clicked, rather than pointed to.
  • On forms, the reference lookup icon (The UI16 reference lookup icon is a magnifying glass) opens the reference lookup list in a popover, rather than a pop-up window.
  • The date picker is redesigned.