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Dependency Views release notes

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Dependency Views release notes

ServiceNow® Dependency Views feature enhancements and updates in the Helsinki release.

Dependency Views provide maps that graphically display configuration items that support business services and the relationships between the configuration items.

Activation information

The Dependency Views module is active in all instances and includes demo data.

Browser requirements

The Dependency Views module supports the latest version or service pack of the following browsers:
  • Firefox with the latest ESR
  • Chrome version 25 or later (latest version recommended)
  • Safari version 6 or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), with these requirements and limitations:
    • Dependency Views requires IE version 9 or later.
    • You cannot export images from a Dependency Views map using Internet Explorer as your browser.
    • When you save a map view, Dependency Views does not make a thumbnail image. You can navigate to the saved map view using the version number.

New in the Helsinki release

Dependency types
Create dependency types to filter and customize what the map displays.
Display related business services map
Double-click a related business service in a Dependency Views map to display the business service map in the Event Management dashboard.

Changed in this release

  • The Filter CIs By Audit Failure filter is available. It is based on CMDB health audit results. You can use this filter to hide CIs that failed the CMDB health audit.
  • To access a Dependency Views map from either the navigation menu, a script API, or a URL, the minimum role required is dependency_views. Some operations that are related to icons, indicators, and menu actions require the ecmdb_admin role. Some operations that are related to properties and dependency types require the admin role.
  • Dependency Views enforces ACL permissions on CIs, and visually hides them and their relationships from the map when the permission requirement is not met.
  • The Filters control was renamed to Settings.
  • Legacy BSM is no longer supported.