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Core platform release notes

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Core platform release notes

ServiceNow® core platform enhancements and updates in the Helsinki release.

Activation information

Active by default.

New in the Helsinki release

Cancelled transaction logging to a table
The system logs canceled transactions to a table. This feature can be turned off using a system property.
Application quota rules
You can specify a quota rule to limit the number of events or jobs that can run in the scope of an application within a specified time.
ECMAScript 5 support
You can use ES5 JavaScript features in scripts. The 'use strict' directive is supported.

Changed in this release

  • The MySQL Connector/J driver is no longer included with the deployment. The MariaDB Connector/J driver is now part of the deployment.
  • Quota Rules are called Transaction Quota Rules.
  • The GlideSystem isMobile() method is available to scoped applications.