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Human Resources upgrade information

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Human Resources upgrade information

Human Resources application upgrade information for the Helsinki release.

Added Human Resources Service Portal and Overview plugins

In Helsinki, the employee portal is built on top of the new HR Service Portal technology. This single context-based portal supports the hire-to-retire process by adjusting the catalog items and knowledge content based on employment status.

When activated, the Service Portal plugin allows HR employees to modify the layout, configure, and brand the employee portal experience to their specifications. Prebuilt HR widgets are used to define the user experience and streamline the interactions between an employee and HR.

The Overview plugin provides a Human Resources Overview module for HR to get a big-picture view of cases and case states. HR can add content to the module and modify the module layout if desired.

HR services and implementation

The Helsinki release provides 20 prebuilt HR Services across common HR centers of excellence, such as Benefits, Payroll, Employee Relations, HR Systems, and Employee Data Management.
Table 1. Helsinki includes 20 prebuilt HR services
Prebuilt service Service items
  • Beneficiaries
  • Medical benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • HR policy questions
  • General HR requests
  • Employee relations questions
  • HR systems questions
  • Career questions
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee offboarding
  • Employee information changes

When you roll out the Helsinki Human Resources application, you want to evaluate the new HR Catalog and catalog items and update it with your custom catalog items.

HR Portal appears in the Self-Service menu, and is a refreshed portal for employees to use to interact with HR. It is based on the ServiceNow Content Management (CMS) application, and it is preconfigured with the Helsinki catalog categories and catalog items.

If you have not customized your HR Catalog, or the predefined items in Helsinki are sufficient, you can use the HR Portal when you upgrade. If the HR Portal is customized with your catalog items, engage someone in your organization with developer skills for CMS. If you do not have a developer with those skills, contact your ServiceNow account manager.

You can deactivate the HR Portal module until you are ready to make it available to your employees.

Human Resources templates

The Helsinki release offers both updated HR templates and new templates. If your organization created HR templates, the following takes place during the upgrade:
  • Fuji HR templates that you created or modified are preserved in their Fuji state.
  • Fuji templates that you did not modify are overwritten with Geneva enhancements during the upgrade from Fuji.
  • You receive new templates that are predefined for Helsinki.

Review these templates as part of evaluating and preparing your HR catalog as described.

HR categories

In Fuji, HR case categories were in a choice list [sys_choice] table. In Geneva, HR categories are in a new Category [hr_category] table. During the upgrade, the categories are matched as closely as possible based on the Value field in the record.

For example, the Fuji category with the label Career Guidance has a value of Career. In the Helsinki HR category record, the label and value are both Career. Therefore, after the upgrade, HR cases that were assigned the Career Guidance category are assigned to the Career category.

If you had created custom categories in Fuji, they are added to the [hr_category] table during the upgrade and remain assigned to the HR cases.

Assignment rules

The Assignment Lookup Rules module in Fuji is called Assignment Rules. During the upgrade, only active assignment rules are preserved. If you have any assignment rules in Fuji that you are not using but want to preserve, you can take either of the following actions.
  • Mark them active before you upgrade and then inactivate them in Helsinki.
  • Note how they are set up and recreate them after the upgrade.
Note: The assigned state was removed from the base system. When you have customizations that use the assigned state, import it into your current version. Go to your previous instance, copy your custom assigned state (export to XML), and import it to your current instance.