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Vulnerability Response release notes

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Vulnerability Response release notes

ServiceNow® Vulnerability Response application enhancements and updates in the Helsinki platform release.

Activation information

An administrator can activate the Vulnerability Response (com.snc.vulnerability) plugin.

Browser requirements

See Generally supported browsers.

New in the Helsinki platform release

Vulnerability-centric view and remediation
Vulnerabilities can be reviewed and addressed as an aggregated grouping of CIs. This grouping facilitates enhanced bulk response actions on entire groups of CIs to accelerate the remediation of vulnerabilities.
Time-boxed acceptance of vulnerabilities with approval workflow
Each vulnerability can be ignored for a specific amount of time, so you can defer addressing it or accept the risk.
SLA support for vulnerable items and vulnerabilities
Examples of SLAs associated with both vulnerable items and vulnerabilities have been provided. The examples include deadlines based on the severity of the vulnerabilities.
Integration with external vulnerability scanners
A framework for integrating with external vulnerability scanners has been added, including a reference implementation for the Qualys vulnerability scanner. Scans from these scanners can be requested from within Vulnerability Response.
Business Criticality calculator
The business criticality calculator uses an aggregate of other severity calculators to calculate the potential impact on your business that is posed by a security incident or vulnerability.

Changed in this release

  • Performance Analytics plugin: Performance Analytics functionality has been split into its own plugin, because Performance Analytics dashboards require separate licensing.
  • Vulnerability rollup: Vulnerable items can be handled at the vulnerability level. You can ignore a vulnerability, postpone an action, or perform a change at the vulnerability level instead of at the vulnerable item level.
  • Enhancements to dashboards: Many reports were added to Vulnerability Response dashboards, including the following reports:
    • Open vulnerable items by CI
    • Open vulnerable items by vulnerability
    • Ignored vulnerable items expiring this week
    • Vulnerabilities discovered timeline
    • Most vulnerable CI model
    • Most vulnerable software publishers
    • Vulnerable item aging