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Helsinki Patch 7

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Helsinki Patch 7

The Helsinki Patch 7 release contains fixes to these problems.

Helsinki Patch 7 was released on November 17, 2016.
Build date: 11-08-2016_1607
Build tag: glide-helsinki-03-16-2016__patch7-11-02-2016

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Helsinki.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Helsinki fixed problems, see KB0598266.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Helsinki Patch 7 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain applications and the ServiceNow platform. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date ServiceNow features. For more details on security problems fixed in Helsinki Patch 7, refer to KB0598510.

Notable Fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Unified Compliance Framework (UCF)


Add Helsinki support for the new UCF API with REST API and OAuth

UCF is deprecating their former API, and UCF support for the new API needs to be added to Helsinki. The old UCF related plugins should be replaced with the new UCF plugin.
Note: If your GRC effective contract date is before December 1, 2016, you are entitled to a free UCF CCH account for the period of December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2018. For customers on Helsinki (Patch 7 and above), or Istanbul and whose effective GRC contract start dates start on Dec 1, 2016 or after, you need to arrange your own subscription if your organization plans on using Unified Controls Compliance as the provider of your controls library. For more information about establishing a UCF CCH account, see Unified Compliance.

For UCF upgrade information, refer to Policy and Compliance UCF upgrade instructions.




LDAP requests fail after upgrade to Helsinki

After an upgrade from Java 6 to Java 8, which is required in the Helsinki release, LDAP requests produce the following error: "Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints." or "Connection reset"

A rollback to Java 6 is not possible. Java 8 forces TLS V1.2 and also deprecates some cipher suites, which does not work with certain LDAP servers with SSL enabled.

The SSL connection functions correctly via OPENSSL with no issues.

  1. Create a new node with no modified wrapper.conf adjustments.
  2. Upgrade from Geneva to Helsinki.
  3. Test the LDAP connection on the node.

Service Catalog


Degraded performance and increase in SQL count for transactions This issue occurs in Geneva Patch 7 instances.

Import / Export



Export to Excel fails if one of the columns is currency Export to Excel fails if there are more than 32,000 rows when exporting to XLS or with hundreds of rows when exporting to XLSX, and one of the columns is of type currency.
  1. Navigate to a list containing more than 32000 rows.
  2. Ensure that a Currency field is in the list.
  3. Right click on the header and select Export > Excel (.xlsx).

The export fails.

All Other Fixes

Problem Affected Plugins Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Asynchronous Message Bus


After upgrading to Helsinki, "HttpClient" thread count is growing on MID Server after Asynchronous Message Bus subscription failures After upgrading to Helsinki, many "HttpClient" threads are running on the MID Server. This contributes to issues such as "OutOfMemoryError" messages and SCCM jobs not being processed.



OAuth 2.0 User who has oauth_admin role does not have write/read access to the oauth_entity_profile table
  1. Give Abel Tuter the oauth_admin role.
  2. Log in as Abel Tuter.
  3. Navigate to oauth_entity_profile.list.

Note that the security constraint message appears.

Change Management


Change Management - Standard Change Catalog In a standard change catalog, having equals signs '=' in template values produces an error message upon submission If a mandatory field for the submission of a standard template contains an equals sign'=', the test for the field will fail with an error message. This error message appears when the listed fields include an equals sign (e.g. "Change Request values" have not been provided: Short description, Description, Implementation plan',). The error occurs even though there are values present along with the equals sign - the field is read as though it does not contain a value.

In a Geneva instance:

  1. Navigate to Standard Change > Standard Change Catalog > Template Management > Propose a new Standard Change Template.
  2. Fill in the fields Short Description, Description, Implementation Plan and include '='.
  3. Click Request Approval.

An error message appears: "Change Request values" have not been provided: Short description, Description, Implementation plan




Legacy chat in Helsinki: Default message for Wait Time is not displayed in chat window When an end user initiates the chat, the displayed message is: "You are currently in position 1 in the queue. Your approximate wait time is 7 Seconds." However, this message is not displayed when using legacy chat in Helsinki. In Fuji, the message is displayed correctly.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Connect, Connect Support No audio notifications when a user enters a queue In Connect, there is very inconsistent behavior for audio and desktop notifications. When desktop and audio notifications are set, Notifications show up, disappear, and show up again. Audio notifications are also inconsistent, especially when related to transfers.
  1. Activate the Connect Support plugin.
  2. Turn on all the Connect-related notifications.
  3. Open 3 internet browsers.
    • On browser 1, log in as Abel Tuter.
    • On browser 2, log in as David Loo.
    • On browser 3, log in as Beth Anglin.
  4. Verify all these users have notifications related to Connect 'set'.
  5. Start a support conversation from Abel (e.g. in the HR support queue /$ aeb40252d7133100816403548e610363).


  • The desktop notifications showed up for David Loo to signify a new support conversation in the queue. But, none appeared for Beth.
  • When the conversation is transferred to Beth, there is no audio notification and no desktop notification / no audio notification.
  • Switch the sessions for the agents. Beth Anglin and David Loo start receiving the desktop and audio notifications.
  • Transfer the conversation to David Loo. Afterwards, audio notifications for transfers do not work.



Legacy chat - 'invite user' notification alert only works if the browser is refreshed When using the 'invite user' feature in Geneva, the alert notification does not work for legacy chat.
  1. Activate the Chat plugin.
  2. Open 3 different internet browsers.
    • Browser 1: Impersonate Beth Anglin and navigate to
    • Browser 2: Impersonate David Loo and navigate to
    • Browser 3: Impersonate Abel Tuter and navigate to ess and click Service Desk Chat. Send a test message.
  3. As Beth Anglin, click Answer to start the chat with Abel Tuter.
  4. As Beth Anglin, click on the cog wheel and select Invite user.
  5. Invite David Loo.

    In David Loo's chat_desktop screen, no alert notifications are visible.

  6. Refresh the David Loo's browser window.

    The notification is now visible.

Perform the same steps in a Fuji instance. Alert notifications work as expected.



Connect, Connect Support $ breaks out of frame in Helsinki In Geneva instances, navigating to $ opens the page in the frame if launched from a module or the app navigator search bar. In Helsinki instances, the page briefly opens in the frame but then breaks out of the frame.
  1. Enable Connect Support.
  2. In type filter text, type $ and press enter.

Expected behavior: The page opens in frame.

Actual behavior: The page opens in frame then breaks out.



Configuration Management (CMDB) If a record contains the new CI Relations formatter, the printer-friendly version page is misaligned The printer-friendly version page for records that contain the new CI Relations formatter is incorrectly formatted because the fields are misaligned.

In a Helsinki instance:

  1. Navigate to Configurations > Base Items > Computers, and open any record. Make sure that the record is using the new CI Relations formatter (by default it is located under the Configuration section).
  2. Click the settings icon (cogwheel to the right of user name) and click Printer-friendly version.

    A new tab/window pops up.

  3. Click Click to Print button.

Data Certification


"Row select" does not select all data for Data Certification Prior to Fuji, when a row is selected to certify certain fields for a certification task, it selects all the checkboxes on this row. This is no longer the case in Fuji where each checkbox in a row needs to be manually selected. However, if the certifications within the certification task form is directly reloaded (via the Refresh List UI context), this works as expected: selecting a row now checks every checkboxes within that row.
  1. Activate the Data Certification plugin and load demo data.
  2. Navigate to Data Certification > Tasks > All Tasks and open a task that is work in progress.
  3. Scroll to the element Certifications required for Certification Task TSK0000000.
  4. Select a row in this list.

Note that it does not select any check boxes for the row.

Financial Management



Long loading time of Allocations Setup page in ITFM Finance Workbench exceeds the default maximum run time, causing an error

The Allocation Setup page of the Financial Management Workbench ($ can take a long time to load for large data sets, anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. Because the background request to / to load the Allocation Setup page takes a large amount of time, it exceeds the default value 30000 (30 seconds) for the com.glide.request.max_run_time_ms system property. Subsequent requests are then returned by GlideRequestManager with the HTTP status "202 Accepted" with no content.

Processing this status causes a "Lost connection to the server" message to appear.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Financial Management


Financial Management Workbench UI: Amounts for accounts being rolled up from lower segment accounts not being included in account totals In one instance, there are Business Cost Centers whose costs rolling up to the Business Service are not reflected in the total (in Workbench UI). However, the totals correctly reflect these costs in Reporting (Allocation Lines).

Financial Management


Accounts are not rolling up Partial amounts of un-rolled up accounts are getting rolled up to the next level during allocation engine execution.
  1. Navigate to the Cost Transparency Workbench.
  2. Create a Hierarchy (ITSS(ITS Shared Service) > Business Service > Business Unit).
  3. Allocate a Bucket amount to Accounts in ITSS, Business Service. Do not roll up some amount accounts from ITSS and leave the amount as is.
  4. Run the allocation engine.

The user sees amounts which were intentionally left in ITSS accounts rollup to Business Unit for unknown reason. The amounts need to be ITSS itself.

HR Service Management


Human Resources Application: Workday Integration Workday field maps are lost on upgrade from Geneva to Helsinki Workday sync creates the sys_user record as expected, with a user's first and last name. However, the corresponding hr_profile is missing the first and last name. Inspecting the XML for the hr_profile record shows that the fields exist, but they are not populated.

Knowledge Management


Images are lost after importing article through Knowledge portal

Knowledge Management


When importing MS Word doc into Knowledge, some formatting is lost (color and center alignment) PRB667232 addressed several formatting issues in Helsinki Patch 1, but there are still some formatting issues when importing a Microsoft Word Document into Knowledge. The problematic formats are color font and center alignment.
  1. Log in to a Helsinki Patch 1 instance as admin.
  2. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge > Import Articles.
  3. Upload a Word file that contains colored text and center alignment.
  4. Select the knowledge base IT and click Import.
  5. View the article.

The word document has lost its text color and middle alignment.

Knowledge Management


Bullet number format is not retained after importing article into knowledge portal After an article is imported into the knowledge portal, numbering restarts in the numbered list.
  1. Navigate to Knowledge.
  2. Click Import Articles.
  3. Click and drag a Word file into the dialog box.
  4. Fill in the Knowledge base and Category.
  5. Click Import. The file imports and the article is displayed.

In the KB content, numbering restarts in the numbered list.

Live Feed



Requests to /api/now/live_feed/conversations are slow if a user is a member of many conversations The issue is more visible for the users who have around 100 records in live_group_profile and live_group_member tables, where it may take 20-30 seconds for live feed to load.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




GroupBy on double dot-walked fields do not work correctly

On Helsinki Patch 6, this issue manifests differently (in a broader way) in Oracle than in MySQL.

  • In Oracle, any aggregate queries run on columns with aliases (when field names are longer than 30 characters) will return no data.
  • In both Oracle and MySQL, joins on aggregate queries using dot walk when the path (caller_id.department.business_unit) is longer than 32 characters returns empty strings for the name of the group fields in any database.

The fix for this PRB reverts PRB635272.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Platform Performance


Error message 'Illegal access to method close() in class com.glide.size_aware.SizeAware ServletOutputStream'
  1. Navigate to System Applications > Applications and go to the form for a scoped application.
  2. Make some change to the application (e.g. change the short description) and Save the change.
  3. Click Publish to Update Set.
  4. Click Publish on the dialog.
  5. When it is finished, click Done on the progress dialog.
  6. Click Export to XML and Save the file.
  7. Click Merge with Another Update Set on the app form.

Expected behavior: No error message appears.

Actual behavior: A red error message shows at the top: "Illegal access to method close() in class com.glide.size_aware.SizeAware ServletOutputStream".



Procurement Purchase Orders are always consolidated When a user sources a request, POs are being consolidated even when the 'Consolidate PO' box is unchecked.
  1. Impersonate a procurement user.
  2. Order a DELL Alienware M17x from the Service Catalog.
  3. Navigate to the catalog task for the request
  4. Source the item and do not check the Consolidate PO check box.

    Note your PO number in the request.

  5. Order a second Alienware M17x from the Service Catalog and follow the same steps.

Notice the second order is added to the same PO even though the Consolidate PO check box was not selected.

Record Certification


Certification Core After Helsinki upgrade, users receive roles that were previously removed from the ITIL containing role After an upgrade to Helsinki, deleted relationships between roles resurface.

In a Geneva instance:

  1. Install the Architecture Compliance plugin.
  2. Verify ITIL role is added with another inherited role: Certification.
  3. Delete this relationship.
  4. Schedule an upgrade to Helsinki.

After the Helsinki upgrade, this deleted role will be seen with the ITIL role.



Using 'Export to PDF' for a form that contains an empty Translated HTML field will provoke an Exception

Export from a Form that contains a field of type 'Translated HTML' with empty value on that field.



View not respected in list for pie, donut, or funnel report with a view defined When creating a pie or donut or funnel report with a view defined for the drill down, the view is not respected in the list.
  1. Create a pie report on the incident table.
  2. Click on the settings cog wheel and set the drilldown view to self-service.
  3. Save the report.
  4. Click on one of the pie pieces.

Expected behavior: The list opens in the self-service view.

Actual behavior: The list opens in the default view.

Server Side Scripting


In Lists and Reports, values from dot-walked reference field are repeated in empty rows starting in Geneva When reports or lists contain a significant number of reference fields, the value of a dot-walked reference field may be repeated for subsequent rows where that field is empty.
  1. Access and create a new view named Example.
  2. Switch to the Example view.
  3. Right-click to Configure > List Layout.
  4. Modify the list layout to include the following fields: Number, Assigned to, Assignment group, Caller, Closed by, Company, Configuration item, Domain, Location, Opened by, Parent, Parent.Assigned to.
  5. Save changes and return to the list of incidents and sort by Number (a to z).
  6. Update the Parent field for INC0000002 with any task that has a populated Assigned to field (e.g. PRB0000001).
  7. Refresh the list of Incidents.

The Parent.Assigned to field in records below INC0000002 will display the same user.

Service Catalog


Check box adds an incorrect price to an item when the single currency system property is set to true and the user country code is non-US
  1. Log in to your ServiceNow instance as an admin.
  2. Navigate to System Properties and set the glide.i18n.single_currency property to true.
  3. Create an item with a price and recurring price.
  4. Add Service Catalog as a catalog and the category Can we help you? and save the changes.
  5. Add a check box variable and a price (for example, 10) in the Price if checked and Recurring price if checked fields.
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Navigate to User Administration > Users.
  8. Select a user and change the country code of the user to non-US (e.g. Japan) and save the changes.
  9. Log in to your ServiceNow instance and impersonate the user.
    • Navigate to the Service Catalog Home page.
    • Select the Can we help you? category and search for the item created in Steps 2 through 4.
  10. Click the item and verify the "Order this item" section without selecting the check box.

    Note the prices shown.

  11. Select the check box and verify the "Order this item" section.

Selecting the check box adds the incorrect price to the item.

Service Catalog



Variables displayed under the summarizer on the shopping cart page do not follow the order defined in the catalog item Fields are displayed in a random order and do not follow the assigned order.
  1. Enable two-step checkout.
    • Go to Catalog Policies > Properties.

    • Enable Use the two step catalog checkout model and click Save.

  2. Create a catalog item with a minimum of three variables.
  3. Define an order for the variables.
  4. Create a catalog order.
    • Open the catalog item.
    • Populate the variables with some value.
    • Click Order Now.
  5. On the shopping cart page, click the right-facing arrow (icon-vcr-right) to open the item summarizer.

The variables appear in random order rather than the defined order.

Service Portal


Human Resources Application: Core When a user creates a HR Case from the HR Service Portal, the 'is_catalog' field is not set to 'true' In the HR Service Portal, the 'is_catalog' field is set to 'false' in some cases and 'true' in others.

Service Portal



SCSS Bootstrap Theme Fonts and glyph icons do not display as expected in Helsinki Service Portal: Fonts and glyph icons in .woff2 font file resource in /sp-fonts folder cannot be found on instances upgraded to Helsinki.

To determine whether an instance is affected:

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins and activate the Service Portal plugin.
  2. Open a browser window to a Service Portal (for example, /sp).

If the browser throws a 404 error failing to download /sp-fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff2, the instance is affected.

Service Portal


Human Resources Application: Service Portal, SCSS Bootstrap Theme IE10: Service Portal pages do not show full content if the height is greater than the browser window When filling out a record producer with mandatory fields in Service Portal, labels for fields in red appear below the submit button to indicate that there are missing mandatory fields. The fields (and the box in which they appear) disappear and change in size when there are no more mandatory fields without information. When this occurs in IE10 under the right circumstances, the frame will resize and be unable to resize.
  1. Open IE10 and resize the window or increase the zoom so that the field are not all visible.
  2. Open record producer with at least one mandatory field.
  3. Resize or zoom as explained in the description.
  4. Fill out the mandatory fields.

Expected behavior: The mandatory field labels should disappear but if the frame changes it should leave all the fields and buttons visible at least by scrolling.

Actual behavior: Once the last mandatory fields are filled out the frame resizes and can obfuscate the submit button without being able to scroll.

System Applications


Studio In Studio, delegated developer VCS requests are failing This issue occurs in Studio v2.99.7. After giving a user the appropriate roles and delegating them as a developer of scoped application, any VCS requests other than GET requests are failing.
  1. As admin, create an app and link it to source control.
  2. Give user Abel Tuter the appropriate roles (source control, rest service, etc.) and make them a delegated dev of your scoped app.
  3. Log in as Abel Tuter and navigate to your app.
  4. Attempt to make a commit, apply stashed changes, etc.

VCS requests fail.

Text Search


The text indexer triggers whichever logic is associated to a variable during the indexing process The text indexer encounters delays when processing a "Lookup Select Box" variable that is associated with the sys_user table. The variable has a defined choice list that will fetch all sys_user records. This causes a performance issue for the indexer and prevents it from completing work.
  1. Create an incident from the Service Catalog.
  2. Update the incident, which triggers a text_index update update event on the incident table.

When this event is getting processed, the indexer is loading large data rows.

UI Policy/Client Script


Catalog UI policy displays the sys_id instead of the display value After a user upgraded from Fuji to Geneva, they noticed that many Catalog Conditions were not displaying the correct value in the Catalog UI policy. Instead of displaying the display value, they show the sys_id. In addition, the magnifying glass is not available in the condition filter.

In an OOB new Fuji instance:

  1. Open the Catalog UI policies list (
  2. Open the record with the short description "Hide Reason Details (DB Restore)".
  3. Try to add a filter condition: cmdb_ci IS.

    Note that the magnifying glass is available and you can pick up the value.

  4. In an OOB Geneva instance, perform the same action.

Note that you can only type in a value for cmdb_ci, and the magnifying glass icon is not available.

User Interface (UI)


Modal that appears when hovering over "i" icon on List v2 and records is not indicating user can hold "Shift" key to lock modal for scrolling When a user hovers their mouse over the "i" icon on List v2 or a record, a modal/pop-over appears. However, this modal does not tell the user that they can lock the modal to scroll down the page for more information.

User Interface (UI)


After upgrading from Fuji to Geneva, editing a Report Definition introduced a significant delay Editing a report that queries CMDB_CI to add PARENT+ dot walked fields is significantly slower in Geneva than it was in Fuji.
  1. Set the system property glide.ui.list.allow_extended_fields to true.
  2. Navigate to Reports > View/Run > New Report.
  3. Set the report table to cmdb_rel_ci (CI Relationship [cmdb_rel_ci] table).
  4. Add Parent + to the Available field.
  5. Click '+' between the slush buckets to expand the column to view dot-walked fields.

A Chrome browser error appears, requesting user to 'kill' or 'wait' for the transaction to complete. If you wait, the fields become visible for editing.

User Interface (UI)



TinyMCE HTML Field Editor HTML fields do not render content when dot-walked to other records When dot-walking to an HTML field on a form, the TinyMCE container and HTML text do not appear. Only the field label and the icons to expand(+)/collapse(-) the field appear.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



fix_use_new_screqitemrenderer.xml The fix_use_new_screqitemrenderer.xml script takes too long on upgrades. This was introduced by PRB658995. The fix script should ignore inactive contexts.




Published version of workflow included with plugins reverts to OOB version The published version of workflows is reverted to the OOB version, and user data is being overwritten.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Other Helsinki Patch 7 information

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC): UCF

UCF is deprecating their former API, and UCF support for the new API has been added to Helsinki in Helsinki Patch 7. The old UCF related plugins have been replaced with the new UCF plugin. For UCF upgrade information, refer to Policy and Compliance UCF upgrade instructions.
Note: If your GRC effective contract date is before December 1, 2016, you are entitled to a free UCF CCH account for the period of December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2018. For customers on Helsinki (Patch 7 and above), or Istanbul and whose effective GRC contract start dates start on Dec 1, 2016 or after, you need to arrange your own subscription if your organization plans on using Unified Controls Compliance as the provider of your controls library. For more information about establishing a UCF CCH account, see Unified Compliance.

Fixes included with Helsinki Patch 7

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.