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Helsinki Patch 12

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Helsinki Patch 12

The Helsinki Patch 12 release contains fixes to these problems.

Helsinki Patch 12 was released on August 24, 2017.
Build date: 08-21-2017_1152
Build tag: glide-helsinki-03-16-2016__patch12-08-08-2017

ServiceNow QPP targets and patches are immediately available. Users do not need to request an entitlement to schedule an upgrade to these versions.

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Helsinki.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Helsinki fixed problems, see KB0598266.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related fixes

Helsinki Patch 12 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain applications and the ServiceNow platform. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date ServiceNow features. For more details on security problems fixed in Helsinki Patch 12, refer to KB0634662.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Transaction and Session Management


Unclaimed transaction, whose underlying request gets recycled while waiting in queue, is left in the active transaction list When an instance is running a large UI activity with presence enabled, the following error appears in the localhost logs: 'Cancelling unclaimed (waiting) transaction'. This transaction will stay in the Active Transactions list until restart.

Service Catalog



RITM records are intermittently created without their variables Variables are either being deleted or (more likely) are not even being created for some RITM records. This issue is not reproducible on demand. But based on the final outcome, the steps to reproduce are:
  1. Order a Catalog Item.
  2. Check whether variables are created.

Note that sometimes the RITM is created without the variables.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


Date field submitted through an Order Guide on Service Portal reverts back to the current date A date field whose value is a future date that is submitted through an Order Guide on Service Portal reverts back to the current date if the date format is set to anything else other than yyyy-MM-dd.



A specific StackOverflowError during a query can leave a node in the corrupt state During a database query, a specific StackOverflowError can lead to incorrect data deletion or insertion. Due to the unpredictable nature of the error, symptoms are varied and could include any or none of the following:
  • Multiple scheduled jobs (sys_trigger table) are mysteriously deleted.
  • Business rule records are mysteriously inserted (sys_scripts).

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


"Model too big" exception in Service Model on svc_model_obj_element is breaking the whole service computation The error should appear without causing computation to fail.

All Other Fixes

Problem Affected plugins Short description Description Steps to reproduce



Approval rule is not triggered when there is a condition Approval rule is not triggered when there are existing approvals in the approval table on an update of a record.



Archive rule on a table hierarchy does not archive the related records of children in the hierarchy The archival plugin allows only one archive rule per table hierarchy. When an archive rule is defined on a parent table in a hierarchy to archive/delete related records, the archival will only archive records in the parent and child tables in the hierarchy. It will not archive/delete the related records of child tables.

Asynchronous Message Bus


Long-running AMB unsubscribe transactions can result in business rules not running for the rest of the session
  1. Navigate to a form.
  2. Invalidate the cache.
  3. Navigate away from the form.

If your unsubscribe transaction is slow enough to get cancelled while we are loading table descriptors for variables tables (var__*), your session may be left with workflow turned off.

Change Management



Change Request Orphaned change tasks are created when using 'Copy Change' on a Change Request with change tasks If users "Copy Change" on a change request that has change tasks, and leave form without saving/updating, the tasks are saved, but the change is not, leaving orphaned change Tasks.
  1. Navigate to Change > Open and open a change request that has change tasks that are created from workflow and manually.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Configure change management.

  2. Click Copy Change.
  3. After the form of the newly created change request is displayed, click the browser's Back button.
  4. Navigate to

Note the newly created change tasks where Created from is manual that are not associated to a change record.

Cloud Management Application


For some VPCs, AWS VPC name is not displayed and it shows the actual VPC ID in the name field VPC gets the right name, and then gets overwritten back to VPC ID when the DescribeInstances response is handled. Both the AWS console and the CloudCheckr tool are in sync and reporting the correct information.

Cloud Management Application


Azure Discovery creates a lot of duplicate image records in Azure resource(cmdb_ci_azure_resource) table After Discovery is run, there are 10,000 + image records in the cmdb_ci_azure_resource table. However, there are only 400+ images discovered in the image table.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Service Modeling "Model too big" exception in Service Model on svc_model_obj_element is breaking the whole service computation The error should appear without causing computation to fail.

Core Platform


A group can be its own parent, leading to infinite recursion Prevent Recursion is a base system business rule on sys_user_group that protects against recursion. However, it can be bypassed when business rules are turned off. This can be caused by 'A is parent of A' scenario or a more extended loop, such as 'C > B > A > C'.
  1. Deactivate the business rule Prevent Recursion on sys_user_group.
  2. Create a User Group (sys_user_group) where the Parent field is pointing to the group itself, creating a self-referencing group.
  3. Impersonate a user in the group, or add one if necessary.
  4. Open the My Group's Work module.
  5. Navigate to System Logs > Errors.

Notice the StackOverflowError message.

Customer Service Management


Customer Service Approval workflow is not working as expected when a plugin is active This issue occurs when the customer service management demo data plugin is installed and there is more than one approval group in the approvals workflow. If users have the sn_customerservice.customer role, they do not need to wait for other approvers to approve a record. Then, the workflow activity is approved.

Customer Service Management



Customer Service Activating the Customer Service plugin results in contract records having a default scope of Customer Service instead of the global scope Contract records have a default global scope regardless of whether customers are using the contracts list or form view. However, after customers activate the Customer Service plugin, if they open a contract record and go to Configure > Related list, the slush bucket incorrectly sets the application scope as customer service for the default view instead of the global scope.
  1. Install the Contract Management plugin.

    For more information, see the documentation topic Activate a plugin.

  2. Navigate to Contract > Contracts > All and open any Contract record.
  3. Right-click in the header and choose Configure > Related Lists.

    You should be able to add or remove the related list for Default view.

  4. Install the Customer Service plugin.
  5. Navigate to Contract > Contracts > All and open any Contract record.
  6. Right-click in the header and choose Configure > Related Lists.

    You are no longer be able to add or remove the related list for Default view within the Global application.

    The Default view is in the Customer Service application but Global is the current application.

  7. Edit this related list:
    1. Click Edit this View in Customer Service.
    2. Choose any related list and click Save.

The following error is displayed: "Invalid 'Table' selected on the Related List record. The 'Contract' table is in application 'Global', but the current application is 'Customer Service'."

Domain Support


DWR GenerateOperation is not creating updated DWR for tables which have the sys_overrides column Domain path/code has been modified, but not all records have been updated with the new domain code/path. This is causing issues in the instance, such as reports are not appearing or the form is not showing the correct fields.

Edge Encryption


Mass encryption fails for large datasets Using Edge Encryption to encrypt big datasets at the same time can fail on certain areas with large attachments.

Edge Encryption


EdgeProxy fails to find a newer version of SafeNet API libraries When SafeNet API libraries are upgraded to the newest version by copying corresponding JAR files into proxy/lib folder, proxy fails to find and load these libraries.

Edge Encryption


On the proxy, Safenet key type is 'nae' instead of 'safenet' Users see the error message "Unsupported Key Type" for SafeNet key".

Event Management


Fix alert correlation does not work as expected in domain-separated environments If an alert's domain is a child of the alert correlation rule's domain, the rule is not visible for the alert.

Human Resources Service Management


Human Resources Application: Core After enabling the HR plugin, the generate document UI action does not create the PDF and attach it to the case
  1. Activate the HR Core plugin.
  2. Create a new HR case:

    Category: Employment Verification

    PDF template: Employee Verification Letter in USA

  3. Impersonate Timothy Janski and click Start Work.
  4. Click Generate Document.
  5. Click Sign.
  6. Provide a signature.
  7. Click Accept.

The document is not generated and attached to the HR case.

Import / Export


Large CSV/JDBC/XLS imports holds memory through Import process When importing data from large CSV, JDBC, or XLS files, memory usage increases and does not go down.

Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management with KCS When attaching a knowledge article to an incident, the use_count field for the attached knowledge article does not increment On an incident form, related KB articles are shown in 'Related Search Results'. When users click Attach or Preview and Attach to Incident, the Use Count field does not increment, even though a new record is inserted into the 'Knowledge Use' table.

Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management V3 Creating a new KB article with instant 'Publish Workflow' publishes the article twice If a Knowledge Base 'Publish Workflow' is set to 'Instant', after a new KB article is submitted and published, that particular article will be published twice. In the history, notice that this publishing occurs in two separate updates at the same time.

MID Server


CyberArk integration does not work with VMware VMware Discovery does not work with CyberArk. VMware needs to add DomainName to account (identical to windows) - without a domain prefix, it cannot log in.
  1. Integrate with CyberArk.
  2. Add a VMware credential in CyberArk.
  3. Add the credential in ServiceNow.
  4. Discover the IP that hosts VCenter.

MID Server


AMB Client on the MID Server does not work in all environments; Need a way to revert to old MID Server polling frequency

Password Reset Application


Password Reset After the deletion of a device from the enrollment page, clicking Submit redirects page to 'Notification Preference' with bad device reference When an SMS device is deleted from a password reset enrollment, the exit screen returns to a device notification form rather than the enrollment successful screen.

Password Reset Application


activate_desktop_plugin.js can cause out of memory issues because the collision detector is restarted
  1. Activate the com.glideapp.password_reset.addon.orchestration plugin.
  2. Upgrade the instance.

The CollisionDetector is unnecessarily restarted before the next plugin is upgraded.



Before Query business rule works differently when using glide aggregate count

Under certain conditions, single score reports can display blank or incorrect data.

If a Before Query business rule is configured on a table with one or more addOrCondition filter conditions, a single score report on that table generates an invalid SQL, and the OR condition is not in the right place. As a result, the single score reports or widgets display incorrect data.

When the user drills down on the report, a list loads with the correct results.

Platform Performance



Query hash values mismatch after upgrading After upgrading to Helsinki or later, customers may experience query hints not being applied (that had previously been added to improve performance of specific queries). Queries that used to run fast will now be significantly slower.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Security Incident Response


Security Incident Response When a report is scheduled on the security incident table, users with sn_si_admin and admin roles are not able to view the security incidents fields When a report is scheduled on table sn_si_incident, the attachment of the report does not show all records or all fields. However, users can see all records and value when only the report is run or from the list view.

Service Catalog


Certain widgets that utilize the business rule sc_req_item_stageGetChoice can cause nodes to crash
  1. Go to delivery_plan%3D&sysparm_first_row=1.
  2. Set all delivery plans to empty.
  3. Go to /sp?id=sc_home and make a series of requests.
  4. Go to /sp?id=requests. My Requests widget will get stuck.

Expected behavior: It should look for a null first in the delivery plan.

Actual behavior: It does not and instead gets stuck in the recursion.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


SLA retroactive start/pause - Incorrect timing calculation when attaching a Task SLA that is in a Paused stage at the time of attaching When a Task SLA is in a Paused stage at the time of attaching, the last temporal piece of paused time is incorrectly added when calculating the elapsed time.
  1. Create a P5 incident with state New.
  2. Change the priority to P3.
  3. As soon as the incident is created (within the first minute), move the state to On Hold.
  4. Move the state to In Progress.
  5. As soon as you complete step 4 (within the first minute), move the state back to On Hold again.
  6. Wait a few minutes, and then change the incident's priority to P1.

The Task SLA will attach with the correct Stage (Paused) but with the wrong 'Business Elapsed time', 'Business elapsed percentage' and 'Business time left'. The 'Has breached' flag is incorrectly set to True.

ServiceNow Store Site


Issue with UTF-8 support to upload files After an app is uploaded, the app title shows up as '???' if it contains Japanese characters.

Service Portal



Mandatory field alert is not translated The alert texts "The following mandatory fields are not filled in" and "The following fields are incomplete" are not translated in the Service Portal.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Survey Management


Assessment Selecting a choice for the mandatory question adds an asterisk symbol (grey in color) to non-mandatory questions
  1. Login as an admin.
  2. Click View surveys in the left navigation, and create a new survey.
  3. Navigate to the survey created and click Survey designer.
  4. Add template control to the survey and add 3 questions to it. Make first question as mandatory and other two as non-mandatory.
  5. Save the changes and publish the survey.
  6. Go back to the survey, click Assign survey and assign it back to the user logged in.
  7. Select My Assessments & Surveys from the left navigation, and click Take survey of the survey created in steps above.

    Verify that there is an asterisk symbol for the first question and the 2nd and 3rd questions do not have any asterisk mark.

  8. Select any option for the first question.

Notice that selecting a choice for the mandatory question adds asterisk symbol (grey in color) to non-mandatory questions.

Survey Management


Survey will not be created by trigger condition Survey trigger condition does not work on migrated surveys via update set.

Survey Management


In Hebrew, creating a survey with question type 'numeric scale' results in '1' appearing as '1.0' in all rows
  1. Activate the I18N:Internationalization plugin.
  2. Activate the I18N: Hebrew Translations plugin.
  3. Create a new survey that contains a question of type numeric scale.
  4. Test this survey. The scale shows the numbers as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.
  5. Change the language to Hebrew.
  6. Test the survey again.

The scale shows the numbers as 1.0 2 3 4 5 6 7.

UI Components


Tablet Device Support - iPad with iOS 6+ Tablet UI bug - searching list fields When accessing a field list in the Tablet UI, users are unable to search via the search fields. A "Processing..." message displays permanently, covering up parts of the search fields.
  1. Install the tablet UI plugin and navigate to $
  2. Navigate to Incidents > Open.
  3. Click on any incident.
  4. Inside that incident, click on the watch list magnifying glass.

Expected behavior: The "Processing..." message will go away after a few seconds, and the fields will be searchable.

Actual behavior: The "Processing..." message stays up permanently, and the fields are not searchable.



Workflow is hung at join activity if rollback to activity is used If the workflow has the rollback to activity, join activity is getting hung in different languages.



Switch activity is not getting conditions in Workflow editor when the session language is other than English If the customer is using a different language other than English, Switch workflow activity may not work correctly.
  1. Activate/Install the Hungarian language plugin (I18N: Hungarian Translations).
  2. Go to any catalog item (e.g., Apple iPad 3), and add a "Select box" type variable with at least 2 question choices.
  3. Open the corresponding workflow of catalog item in 'workflow editor'.
  4. Change the session language to 'Hungarian'.
  5. Checkout the workflow and add the 'Switch' activity anywhere in the workflow (Alaptevékenységek > Feltételek > Kapcsoló ).
  6. In the "Switch" activity, select type = 'Variable' and add the recently created 'Select box' variable.
  7. Submit the 'Switch' activity.

    Notice the question choices appear.

  8. Repeat the same steps with 'English' session.

The Switch activity shows desired conditions.

Other Helsinki Patch 12 information

  • Software Asset Management
    • Activating Software Asset Management

      The Software Asset Management plugin (com.snc.software_asset_management) must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. This plugin includes demo data and activates related plugins if they are not already active.

Fixes included with Helsinki Patch 12

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.