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Helsinki Patch 10

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Helsinki Patch 10

The Helsinki Patch 10 release contains fixes to these problems.

Helsinki Patch 10 was released on May 4, 2017.
Build date: 04-19-2017_0850
Build tag: glide-helsinki-03-16-2016__patch10-04-19-2017

ServiceNow QPP targets and patches are immediately available. Users do not need to request an entitlement to schedule an upgrade to these versions.

For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Helsinki.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Helsinki fixed problems, see KB0598266.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Helsinki Patch 10 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain applications and the ServiceNow platform. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date ServiceNow features. For more details on security problems fixed in Helsinki Patch 10, refer to KB0622459.

Notable Fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

User Interface (UI)



Icons are incorrect after upgrading from Geneva to Helsinki After upgrading from Geneva to Helsinki (where the icon fonts have changed), users continue to use the old Geneva icon font, and all icons throughout the interface are incorrect. This issue occurs because the server does not recognize that the icon fonts have changed.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Large number of rows in the Discovery Log [discovery_log] and TCP Connection [cmdb_tcp] tables can cause performance issues during an upgrade

Starting with the Helsinki release, the sys_domain and sys_domain_path fields were added to the Discovery Log [discovery_log] and TCP Connection [cmdb_tcp] tables. Upgrades of instances that have large numbers of rows in these table can lead to performance issues when the upgrade process adds and populates the new fields.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Edge Encryption



Selecting 'Update All' or 'Update Selected' in a list view nullifies Edge Encryption encrypted fields

This issue only affects Edge Encryption customers who have tables with Edge Encryption encrypted fields and active encryption configurations for these fields.

Data loss can occur when attempting to update records with edge encrypted fields. This is due to a defect in the handling of the multiple update function in a list view.

When a user updates several records with encrypted fields in list view using Update All or Update Selected, the contents of the encrypted fields are lost once Update is clicked.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Portal


In Service Portal, catalog item variables are read-only for non-roled users

When the variables in a catalog item have write_roles configured, and a non-roled user tries to create a request using the catalog item, all of the variables are read-only in Service Portal. However, the variables in the catalog item in the normal catalog UI are not read-only.

The Catalog desktop UI checks create_roles when ordering, and it later checks write_roles in the variable editor. However, Service Portal checks write_roles in both places.

The fix for this PRB resulted in an API change to the getCatalogItem method. For details, refer to KB0621849.

  1. As an admin user, navigate to Maintain Items.
  2. Open the Sales Laptop catalog item.
  3. From the related list, open the Additional software requirements variable.
  4. Add the Write roles field to the form if is not already there.
  5. Add the admin role to the variable (so that the admin is required to write to the variable).
  6. Click Update.
  7. Impersonate an ESS user.
  8. Navigate to the Service Portal.
  9. Search for and view the Sales Laptop catalog item.

Expected behavior: Variables are writable in the normal UI and Service Portal.

Actual behavior: Variables are read-only in Service Portal. They are writable only in the normal UI.

Asynchronous Message Bus



After upgrading to Helsinki, HttpClient thread count grows on the MID Server MID Server can go down due to a thread leak that causes the MID Server to run out of memory and go down.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

User Interface (UI)



With List v3, the sys_user table list fails to load if the name field starts with a dot followed by a space In List v3, if the name field for a record from sys_user table starts with <dot/period><space><the rest of the name> (for example, ". restofname") and that record is displayed in the current list, the list fails to load.
  1. Create a new sys_user record with name that starts with ". "
    • Do not use the quotation marks: <dot/period><space><the rest of the name>
    • Note whether the name field is displaying first then last or last then first.
    • Make sure that the name field starts with (without quotation marks) ". <the rest of the name>" .
  2. Make sure that sys_user list is using List V3.
  3. Navigate to sys_user.list.
  4. Make sure that the new record is being displayed in the current list. If it is not, sort or navigate to the record.

There will be errors on the server and client.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Portal



Variable sets with containers in order guides with cascade variables enabled cause excessive memory usage If an order guide that has a variable set attached directly to it is configured to cascade variables, and that variable set has containers, the memory usage of the browser climbs drastically when that order guide is displayed in the portal.
  1. Create an order guide, making sure to select the Cascade variables option.
  2. Attach any normal item to that order guide (for example, access) via the rules. There are no conditions necessary.
  3. Create a variable set with containers (start/split/end) and attach them to the order guide directly.
  4. View the order guide in the portal. Note the drastic increase in memory consumption. (This is even more pronounced in IE.)
  5. Remove the variable set from the order guide and view it again. Note that there is no longer a drastic increase in memory consumption.
  6. Add the variable set back on, but this time uncheck the Cascade variables box.
  7. View the order guide again and note that there is no drastic increase in memory consumption.

User Interface (UI)


Setting 'glide.ui.escape_all_script' to 'true' blanks out Timezone, Date, and Time format choice lists on Basic Configuration Users are unable to select a date or time format in the lists on the Basic Configuration page. When the page is saved, the System Date and Time formats are cleared, and "??" displays for all dates in the instance.
  1. Set the system property glide.ui.escape_all_script to true.
  2. Navigate to System > Basic Configuration.

    Note the lists are blank for Date Format, Time Format, and Timezone. There are no values to select from these lists.

  3. Save the Basic Configuration page.

The System Date & Time Formats are cleared out. All date values show "??" for their values.

All Other Fixes

Problem Affected plugins Short description Description Steps to reproduce



ApprovalActionHandler is triggering an OR query (similar to PRB817692) This can be very taxing on the database.

Audit Management


Audit Management: causes "Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list" in the browser console Enabling GRC: Audit Management plugin causes 'sn_grc_issue' to display a client script error.
  1. Activate the GRC: Audit Management plugin (com.sn_audit).
  2. Navigate to

The form opens up with a browser console error: "Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list".

Expected behavior: There should be no errors in the console.

Actual behavior: There is an "Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list" error in the console.



KB0621521 causing SAML signed authentication failure After upgrading from Fuji to Geneva or Helsinki, some customers who have signed SAML requests are unable to log in using SAML. For example, after an upgrade from Fuji to Geneva or Helsinki, authentication fails.

Change Management



Change Management Workflows On a change request, the related list of emergency changes is not visible after upgrading After upgrading, some users can no longer see the related list of emergency changes on a change request.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Connect Notification for user when a Connect Support chat transferred request from queue to queue is not visible in Helsinki

In Geneva, when a user receives a transfer request from queue to queue, there used to be a notification pop-up on the header or the Connect Support sidebar (depending on whether it was expanded or collapsed) for the user receiving this request.

In Helsinki, there is no notification pop-up. The only way for a user to see that there is a request is if they have the Collapse Support sidebar expanded and they are on the 'Support' tab.

In a Helsinki instance:

  1. Navigate to chat_queue.list, open a record, and click Support Link.
  2. Once you are redirected to a chat support queue, write any comment and Send.
  3. Impersonate a Chat admin (e.g. Beth Anglin).

    You will see the comment in the Connect sidebar.

  4. Click Accept once the chat window pops up in the bottom of the screen. Select the nav icon (three bars on the bottom left) and select Transfer.
  5. Click Transfer next to the agent in that queue that you wish to transfer the chat to (e.g. David Loo).
  6. Impersonate David Loo.

Expected behavior (Geneva): A notification pops up in the header next to "Toggle Connect Sidebar" icon if the Connect sidebar is collapsed, or next to the support icon (headset) if it is expanded.

Actual behavior (Helsinki): No notification icon appears in the header or support icon, whether the Connect sidebar be expanded or collapsed. The only way for the user to see the incoming transfer request is if the Connect sidebar is open in the Support section.



Connect Connect throws 500 error when resetUnreadCount is called on an empty conversation

Cloud Management Application


Azure discovery creates duplicate records in the Azure resource table
  1. Run discovery twice.
  2. Go to the Azure resource cmdb_ci_azure_resource table.

There are duplicate records with a Storage Blob resource type in the table. Processing these duplicate records will take a long time.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud Management v1: VM instances have empty names and states from AWS configuration events Incoming messages are not processed because they contain single quotes, and the CMDB is not updated. Empty names and states are also appearing. This issue can occur for users with many accounts configured with the AWS Configuration (for example, 30 accounts). Due to the heavy load of messages coming in, some events will get dropped.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


'CMDB Health Dashboard - Relationship Score Calculation' job causes nodes to go OOM

Data Certification


Slow performance with Data Certification Users are experiencing slow performance when executing Data Certification. It can take up to 10 seconds to certify a single certification element, which negatively impacts the execution time for multiple certification elements. The data certification process can take minutes instead of seconds.

Activate the 'Data Certification [com.snc.certification_v2]' plugin.

  1. Navigate to cert_task.list.
  2. Choose a record in the Work in Progress state (with a 'percent complete' below 100%).
  3. Under Certification Task, certify elements.

The data certification process can take minutes to execute completely. This process should only take several seconds.

Dependency Views (BSM Map)


Next-Gen BSM, Keylines Business Service Maps Nodes are not grouped in Dependency Views

Users are seeing all nodes when the virtual group should be controlled by the user.

The fix for this PRB adds the glide.bsm.max_levels and glide.bsm.show_virtual_node_children properties. See Properties installed with Dependency Views for details.



Sensor error when processing Linux - Storage: The undefined value has no properties A sensor error occurs on a Linux storage processor when the fiber channel HDB 'fcAdapter' field in an ECC input record does not have a model description field (blank) or if it has no embedded spaces. The sensor is trying to split the string via regex into two parts, based on the first space character.




Memory issues when processing load balancer exploration sensors with large payloads (SNMP - Netscaler - System and SNMP - F5 BIG-IP - System)

Load balancer sensors can be cancelled and/or cause memory problems on a given node with very large payloads (e.g. above 2MB, typically containing several thousand OID values or more).

The fix for this PRB adds the result_format parameter. This parameter returns JSON formatted payloads for the SNMP - F5 BIG-IP - System and SNMP - Netscaler - System probes. See SNMP probe parameters for details.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Incorrect and missing object IDs interfere with UCS Discovery Incorrect and missing object IDs interfere with UCS Discovery



Configuration Management (CMDB) Unexpected behavior for Cisco UCS Discovery Some users are experiencing instance overloading, duplicate UCS systems, and other Cisco UCS Discovery issues.

Domain Support


The sys_report table should not have the sys_overrides field on it

The MSP extensions plugin is adding "sys_overrides" to the sys_report table.

The sys_overrides field is a "process table only" field, that reverses the flow of data visibility on a table so that processes can be consumed by child domains.

The issue with using this field on any "Data" table is that users lose access to child domain data while in their "default" domain. Any impersonation of the user by the system will fail to access data on these tables and could break processes.

  1. An ITIL user schedules a report in a child domain.
  2. The system impersonates the user and is in the users default domain.

This will cause an error.

Domain Support


GlideRecord.updateMultiple() sets domain fields to "global" Calling updateMultiple() on a GlideRecord causes the domain fields to be overwritten with "global" regardless of their original values. This is because GlideElementDomainId sets fValueSet incorrectly even when no value has been set (just the default of global), which causes GlideRecord to update the column in the database.

Edge Encryption


Edge Encryption mass encryption job fails on fields with long column names When a table contains a long column name (e.g. 36 characters long), Edge Encryption's mass encryption job fails.

Edge Encryption



When the number of connections increases, the Edge Encryption proxy experiences extreme slowness Edge Encryption proxies can run extremely slowly. This issue occurs when concurrent user sessions drive up the number of simultaneous user connections to the instance through the proxy. There are also no logs to indicate the proxy's processing.
  1. Start up an Edge Encryption proxy and connect to an instance.
  2. Simulate users going through the proxy and using connection-intensive pages, such as Service Portal and Knowledge.

Notice that after a certain threshold, response times become extremely slow in the browser.




Subscription Based Notifications Cannot enable notification preferences for a mandatory notification on non-primary email devices The notification preferences page causes the mandatory notifications to display as though all devices will receive the notification. The user cannot switch off preferences for any of the devices. In addition, only devices with a cmn_notif_message for a mandatory notification receive the notification.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Event Management


Threshold performance issues Threshold rules can take a lot of time to run. For example, it takes 22 seconds to execute a user query that occurs 3500 times a day.

Event Management


Incident creation business rule race condition is affecting Alert Rule execution If an alert has a before business rule that may take a lot of time, it may cause alert rules not to work for that alert.
  1. Create a business rule that sleeps for a minute.
  2. Create an alert rule that should catch the alert.
  3. Create an alert.

The incident is not created.

Event Management


OOM on impact calculation of many services (e.g. 3000) Some users are experience recurring excessive memory usage.



'sm_m2m_somodel_stmodel' table contains invalid references to non-existent so_model's and st_model's

The 'sm_m2m_somodel_stmodel' has invalid references to non-existent so_model's and st_model's, which should have been handled by SMCore's cascade delete rules on the fields. These cascade rules prevent future invalid records, but do not work on records that are already invalid.

Some ways the user can have these invalid records:
  • Come from an earlier release (before Geneva) with invalid records
  • Use update set containing invalid records
  • Scripting invalid records

Finance Service Management


Finance Service Management Upon upgrade, Finance templates revert to OOB settings If a user changes the assignment group in a Finance template, removes the default task, and upgrades the instance, then the assignment group reverts to the OOB value and the OOB default task returns.

Financial Management


Financial Management Levels of hierarchies cause the allocation setup to become out of order In the allocation setup, the chart of account is out of order and segments are displayed in an unusual order.

Navigate to Cost Transparency > Workbench > Load Allocation Setup.

Note the chart of account goes out of order in the allocation setup.



onChange client scripts run when a live update is received When a field is changed in one client session, it also changes automatically for all sessions viewing that form.
  1. Create a client script 'onChange' to throw an alert when some field gets changed.
  2. Log into the same instance with another user (in a different browser or in incognito mode).
  3. Navigate to the same form for both sessions.
  4. Make a change in one of the sessions to trigger the client script created in step 1.
  5. Save the record.

Verify in the other session that user also gets the alert popup.

Governance, Risk and Compliance


UCF Configurations records do not load properly when 'glide.ui.escape_text' is set to 'false' When the system property 'glide.ui.escape_text' is set to 'false', the form interface for UCF configurations does not render properly.
  1. Install the plugin "GRC: Compliance UCF".
  2. Set the system property glide.ui.escape_text to false.
  3. Navigate to Unified Compliance Integration.
  4. Open the UCF record.

The page is not properly rendered.

JS/HTML Editor


Syntax Editor CodeMirror: For long scripts, there is a timing lag between typing a character and the time it appears on the screen For long scripts, there is a time lag between the time of typing characters using the keyboard until the time it appears on screen. This impacts users in development that write customized scripts in the instance.
  1. Go to the AddRelationshipAjax script include: /
  2. On line 2 of the script, type a comment. For example, you can use basic lorem ipsum characters. Make sure to type it - do not copy and paste.
  3. Observe the timing between the time you enter a character and the time it appears on the screen.

Expected behavior: There should not be any lag between the user typing the character and the character appearing on the screen.

Actual behavior: Longer scripts exhibit longer lag times.

Knowledge Management


Unable to search on tags through Knowledge search Tags assigned to a user or a group are not visible on the Knowledge home page under the Tags section. When clicking on the tag, the system only redirects to KBs that are visible to everyone. The tag is not respected.
  1. Go to a KB article.
  2. Add a tag (e.g. tag1) to the article, and make it visible to Abel Tuter.
  3. Go to another KB and add a new tag (e.g. tag2), but this time, make this tag visible to everyone.
  4. Impersonate Abel Tuter.
  5. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge > Knowledge.
  6. Check the Categories section.

You can see both tag1 and tag2.

When you go to the Tags tab, only tag2 (which is visible to everyone) is visible. You cannot see tag1, which is visible to Abel Tuter.

Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management V3 In Knowledge V3, the page never finishes loading when a user enters two numbers or letters (or a combination of both) into the homepage search This issue occurs in Knowledge V3. When a user enters two numbers or letters into the homepage search, the search begins, but it keeps spinning and never returns any results. The page turns white with two columns and a spinning circle in the left column.

In an instance with Knowledge V3:

  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Homepage.
  2. In the search field, type F5 and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

The page turns white with two columns and a spinning circle in the left column that never stops spinning. No search results are returned.

Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management V3 In Windows Edge browser, Knowledge v3 import button does not upload documents as expected for Geneva and Helsinki

On a Geneva instance as an admin:

  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Home Page.
  2. Click Import.

    The system will ask you to browse the document to be uploaded.

  3. Select the document and click Open, or double-click on the document.

    A dialog window opens, asking for additional details.

  4. Click Import.

    Expected behavior: The system should ask the user to select the document. Once the user clicks Open or double-clicks on the document, a dialog window should open, asking for additional details.

    Actual behavior: Nothing happens.

On a Helsinki instance as an admin:

  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Home Page.
  2. Click Import.

    A dialog window opens, asking you to import files by dragging and dropping a Word file or clicking to select.

  3. Click + Click to Select.

    Expected behavior: The system should ask you to browse for the document.

    Actual behavior: Nothing happens.

Knowledge Management



Knowledge Management V3 Nested Knowledge category names are truncated in the 'Filter by Type' list The 'Filter by Type' column does not display the entire nested KB category name. The KB category name gets cut off after 24 characters.
  1. In Geneva, navigate to Knowledge > Knowledge base.
  2. Open the Knowledge knowledge base.
  3. Go to the Knowledge Categories tab and click New.
  4. Create a KB category with a long name, such as "New Knowledge category Level 1" and save it.
  5. Expand the category you created and create a nested one.
  6. Create a nested KB category with a long name, such as "New Knowledge category Level 2" and save it.
  7. Navigate to Articles > Create New to create a new article with the following values:
    • Knowledge base: Knowledge
    • KB category: New Knowledge category Level 1 > New Knowledge category Level 2
  8. Save the article and publish it.
  9. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge.
  10. Search for the article you just published.

Note that the Filter by Type column on the right doesn't show the entire nested KB category length, which gets cut off after 24 characters.

Knowledge Management


When a large number of KB categories is present, opening the KB homepage is slow

In an instance with many records in the kb_category table (e.g. 27000 records):

  1. Navigate to Knowledge Base > Homepage.
  2. Click a knowledge base that contains many categories.

It takes more than 1 minute to load the page.

Knowledge Management


User gets file parsing error when uploading .docx word document on Knowledge Base. Alternative text breaks the import function. If a .docx file contains pictures with alternative text, the Knowledge article import function may not work correctly.
  1. Navigate to Knowledge Base > Homepage.
  2. Click Import Articles.
  3. On the import window, drag a Word file that contains an image with alternative text.
  4. Click Import.

Expected behavior: The document is imported.

Actual behavior: The file failed to import, and the following error message appears: 'Import completed with error'.

Knowledge Management


Import issues with large Word docs: 'import completed with error' 'Unknown error', and content is lost

Large Word documents (3.5MB) are not always completely imported into the instance. A knowledge base record will be created for the imported file, but its content will be lost.

This issue occurs when using the 'Import Articles' button on the Knowledge v3 homepage.

As a user with elevated privileges:

  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Homepage.
  2. Click Import Articles.
  3. In the box labeled Drop Word files here, drag-and-drop a large Word file (3.5 MB or more).
  4. Select the Knowledge knowledge base.
  5. Click Import.

Users receive the error messages 'import completed with error' 'Unknown error'.

Legal Service Management


Legal Service Management, Marketing Service Management Fuji upgrade: Legal > Self-Service > Contract Review and Management items are reset to OOB Upon some Fuji upgrades, Legal > Self-Service > Contract Review and Management items are reset to their out-of-box settings.



List v3 related list - Viewing a record and using Next and Previous to step through the list displays the wrong records Upon clicking any link in a related list and using Next and Previous to scroll through the list of records, the user is taken to the wrong place.
  1. Activate the List v3 plugin.
  2. Enable List v3 for related lists.
  3. Navigate to a record with multiple related lists.
  4. Navigate to the second or greater related list.
  5. Cause that list to have multiple records in it.
  6. Click the (i) icon to go to the record and click open record, or click the text link in the first column.
  7. On the record that opens, click the Next arrow to go to the next record.

Depending on the previous related list from the original record, you either get "Record not found" or a record from the table in the previous related list.

Marketing Service Management


Marketing Service Management After upgrade, Marketing custom states are deleted
  1. Install the Marketing Service Management plugin.
  2. Create a custom state for a Marketing Request [sn_sm_marketing_request.state]
  3. Create a marketing request and set it to that state.
  4. Upgrade the instance.

The custom state is deleted. State flows are references with a cascade rule of clear, and they are also be broken.

MID Server


Uptime probe hangs under J2SSH The Linux uptime probe hangs when it is run under J2SSH.
  1. Run DiscoverNow on a server CI.
  2. Check the time it takes to run the discovery job.

Expected behavior: For 15/16 commands, it should take less than 2 minutes to finish.

Observed behavior: It takes 16 minutes to complete. The first 15 commands are completed in less than a minute while "uptime; date +%s" eventually times out, which in this case was 15 minutes.



Mobile UI, NG shared components Clearing and adding options to a choice field multiple times in a client script does not work as expected



Mobile UI In mobile, users are unable to scroll in read-only text fields Only read-only fields are affected - users are able to scroll in non-read-only fields. This issue is reproducible in the mobile UI and the mobile app.

In the mobile UI or mobile app:

  1. Go to System Properties > Mobile UI Properties.
  2. Enable the updated mobile Web Experience available in Helsinki.
  3. Open an existing incident and change the view to mobile.
  4. Add the field Description, and add a long description here.
  5. Make the field read-only.
  6. Go to this URL to switch to the Mobile UI: https://(instancename)$
  7. Open the incident.

Notice that is not possible to scroll down to read the full description.

Performance Analytics Application



Performance Analytics Upgrade time increased while creating an index on pa_score during an upgrade After we drop the base system index (indicator, breakdown, element, start_at) and create a new one that contains the second breakdown and second element (indicator, breakdown, element, breakdown_level2, element_level2, and start_at), during the next upgrade of the instance to a release before Istanbul, the base system index is recreated because the index is still in the table definition. This can increase the upgrade time significantly depending on the number of records that the pa_scores table contains.

Performance Analytics


Pivot scorecard visualization always displays only the first 10 elements of the breakdown

Make sure to have collected scores in the instance.

  1. Login as admin.
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  3. Click on edit dashboard and Add content.
  4. Select Performance Analytics > Breakdown.
  5. Create a new widget with visualization "Pivot scorecard" and breakdown "Assignment Group".
  6. Save and on the related list add 3 indicators that are using that breakdown (e.g. Number of open incidents).
  7. Save and reload the dashboard.

Notice that only the first 10 elements are displaying with values.

Performance Analytics



Performance Analytics PACollectionCleaner is executing a long running query to count the total amount of rows in tables pa_scores and pa_snapshots The standard behavior of the platform TableCleaner is to count all records of a table. In cases of pa_scores and pa_snapshots, the table can contain a large number of rows and therefore the count query can take several minutes.
  1. Run the Clean PA collections job (PACollectionCleaner).
  2. Monitor the database to find a query like SELECT count(*) AS recordcount FROM pa_scores pa_scores0.

Performance Analytics


Performance Analytics The PA Breakdowns widget breaks if the breakdown name contains special characters

Install the Performance Analytics Premium plugin.

  1. Log in as admin.
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Breakdowns.
  3. Create a new breakdown with name that contains an apostrophe or ampersand (' or &amp;).
  4. Create a widget with this new breakdown, and add it to a dashboard.

Expected result: The widget and chart should be displayed correctly.

Actual result: The widget is not displayed.




Deleting a non-empty table that extends sys_metadata does not remove sys_metadata records for rows in that table If a table extending sys_metadata is deleted and there were rows in that table, then the sys_metadata records corresponding to the rows in that table are not removed.
  1. Create a new table that extends sys_metadata.
  2. Navigate to that table and create a new record in it.

    Note the sys_id of the the record you just created.

  3. Delete the table (without deleting the record in it).
  4. Navigate to sys_metadata and search by sys_id using the id from step 3.

Note that the record has not been removed.



When a task column is moved into offrow storage, it breaks certain database views that include tables that extend task Using the view in a report or via 'Try it' results in an error: "Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'XXXX.XXXX' in 'on clause') ".
  1. Activate the 'Database Column Offrow Migration' plugin.
  2. Create a string column on task with length of 4000.
  3. On the Dictionary record for the new column, click the Move Column Offrow related link, and click Start to confirm the action.
  4. Now open one of the following database view records, and click Try it:
    • incident_sla
    • incident_metric
    • incident_time_worked
    • problem_metric
    • task_survey_detail

You receive an error message: "Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'task_survey_detail0.sys_id' in 'on clause')".

Platform Security


Role Management V2: No data displays in the 'Audit Roles > Granted by Group' related list on sys_user_group

This issue occurs because the sys_audit_role table is not correctly associating entries to the groups the roles came from.

The fix for this PRB adds the glide.role_management.v2.audit_roles property, which allows the Audit Roles table to create audit records when user roles change after the Contextual Security: Role Management V2 plugin is installed. For details, see Enable role auditing with Contextual Security: Role Management Enhancements.

  1. Navigate to the sys_user_group table.
  2. Open the HR record.
  3. Right-click the form header and click Configure > Related Lists.
  4. Add the 'Audit Roles > Granted by Group' related list.
  5. In the Roles related list, add or remove a role to the group.

    The form will reload with addinfomessages.

  6. Scroll down to the Audit Roles related list.

    There are no records.

Expected behavior: There is a link to each sys_audit_role record that was created, because a user received or lost a role associated to this group.

Actual behavior: No information is shown. The sys_audit_role records created are not associated to the group.

Platform Security



Upon login, users are redirected to banner image/product icon instead of a homepage In UI16, uploading a banner image causes a login navigation issue. Because the system attachment (image) files are protected, users who do not have the image already cached are incorrectly directed to the image file after login.
  1. Upload a new image for use as glide.product.image or use Basic Configuration UI16 to upload a new banner image.

    For more information, see Customize the logo in system properties.

  2. Log out.
  3. Clear your browser cache (Shift + Click Refresh for Chrome) or use an incognito browser.
  4. Log in again.

Instead of the homepage being displayed, the main frame is redirected to banner image.

Platform Security


Contextual Security: Role Management Enhancements fix_sys_user_has_role fix script should not run during upgrade On an instance with the com.glide.role_management.inh_count plugin activated, the fix_sys_user_has_role fix script should not run during an upgrade. The fix script can cause the upgrade to stall for instances with large number of sys_user_has_role records.

Project Management


Activating the Project Management Import plugin drops all data from the Project and Project Task tables Activating the Project Management Import plugin when the Project Management plugin (com.snc.project_management_v3) is active results in data loss because the records in the pm_project and pm_project_task tables are deleted.

Project Management


Cost Plan breakdown is incorrect for resource plans with weekly distribution when the plan date is across Daylight Savings Time
  1. Set the User/System timezone to PST.
  2. Perform all the prerequisites for financial planning.
  3. Create a project.
  4. Create a resource plan between October 10 to December 10 with weekly allocations.
  5. Open the cost plan created for the resource plan, and verify the cost and cost plan breakdown.

Expected behavior: The cost plan breakdown correctly displays the cost.

Actual behavior: The cost plan breakdown displays an incorrect cost.

  1. Create a resource plan for the same project between 2016-09-01 and 2016-11-01.
  2. Check the cost plan.

Expected behavior: The total cost is $8000.

Actual behavior: The total cost is displayed as $7500.

Project Management


Cannot 'Close Complete' project task with manual calculation due to a modified actual start date If the actual start date is modified for a manual calculation project's a project task, the user will no longer be able to close off the task as 'Closed Completed'.
  1. Create a new project ( and fill out the mandatory fields.
  2. Set the calculation to Manual and save the record.
  3. Create a new project task via the related list, filling out the necessary mandatory fields. Save.
  4. Set the project task's state to Work in Progress and save.
  5. Change the Actual start date to a date in the future (increase by 1 day) and save.
  6. Change the Actual start date again (increase by another day) and save.
  7. Change the state for the project task to Close Complete and then save.

Expected behavior: The project task is closed without issues.

Actual behavior: The user is unable to close the project task as completed.

The following error messages appear: "Cannot change the planned end date of closed task. Invalid update"

Project Management


When the Project template is used, attachments do not stay on the project task When a template is created for a project, the project template has project tasks. If a project task contains an attachment in the template, the attachment is added to the project record, but not to the project task.

Project Management


Planned duration calculation is incorrect when there is a holiday scheduled during that week

When a week contains a holiday, the planned duration calculation is incorrect.

For example, if the '8-5 weekdays excluding holidays' schedule is used, and a user creates a new project with a planned start date of 2016-11-07 08:00:00 and a planned end date of 2016-11-07 17:00:00, the duration should be 1 day. However, the duration is set to 1 day 2 hours because 2016-11-11 is Veteran's Day.

  1. Create a project using the "8-5 weekdays excluding holidays" schedule.
  2. Set the planned start date to 2016-11-07 08:00:00, and set the planned end date to 2016-11-07 17:00:00.

Expected behavior: Duration should be 1 day.

Actual behavior: Duration is set to 1 day 2 hours.

Project Management


Project Management Non-admin users cannot see data for Project Task Link (pm_project_task_link) A user with the project_manager role is able to create records for the pm_project_task_link table. However, they are not able to view these same records because the Project Task Link (pm_project_task_link) table is missing a 'read table level' ACL.


  • The High Security plugin is activated with the default setting Deny.
  • The Project Management plugins are activated.
  • The Project Task Link related list is configured on the Project Task form.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Impersonate any user with the project_manager role.
  2. Go to any existing project, and create and save a new Project Task.

    The 'Create Change and link from Project Task' related link should appear on the form. Observe that even though the Project Task Link record is created, neither the Project Task Link related list nor the table data is displayed on the form. This occurs because the table is missing a 'read table level' ACL for this table.

  3. Now create a table level Read ACL for this table.
  4. Reload the Project Task record.

    The Project Task Link related list is displayed, including the data generated.

Project Management


Updating a Project record's state to 'Work in Progress' is saved as two updates The same users will get notified twice for what should be a single event.
  1. Create a new project, and give it a start and end date. Do not add any tasks.
  2. Save.
  3. Click Start project.
  4. Right-click the header, and select History > List > Show matching on the State field.

The history shows two entries for the project entering the 'Work in progress' state.

Project Management


Schedule calculation is incorrect if the schedule is set for 8.5 hours If a schedule is set for 8.5 hours (for example, from 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:30), the end date calculations are incorrect.

Project Portfolio Management


Project Management, Problem Tasks Helsinki: In List view "current.sys_class_name" evaluates as undefined, causing ACLs to fail for dot-walked fields "current.sys_class_name" evaluates as undefined when used in ACL scripts and when the ACL is executed while pulling list data. The same "current.sys_class_name" evaluates properly when the ACL is executed from a form allowing the ACL to pass.
  1. Open
  2. Configure the list layout and add the dot-walked field Project (Sub tree root).Short Description.

    As an admin you will be able to see the short description field.

  3. Impersonate it_project_user.
  4. Open the project task list.

You will no longer see the short description.

Project Portfolio Management


Project Portfolio Suite with Financials PPMFundManager script needs to be corrected The PPMFundManager script include incorrectly counts some postings twice. Due to the way that the query is constructed, if an expense line is added on March 31st, it will count in both March and in April, and the cost will be allocated twice on the Cost Plan Breakdown.
  1. Set up a financial calendar to follow the normal calendar (1 year, 4 quarters, 12 months).
  2. Go to fm_expense_line, and enter an expense with the date March 31. Then, relate the expense to a task.
  3. Change the state of the expense line to Processed.
  4. Open the cost_plan_breakdown and filter on the task selected in step 2.

Notice that the cost of the invoice is allocated to both March and April.

Resource Management


Resource Management Empty rows are shown in resource availability reports when there are more than 1000 data points
  1. Create a resource group with more than 20 members.
  2. Navigate to Resource reports.
  3. Select:
    • Report type: Availability
    • Entity type: Group
    • Group : Created in step1
    • Members: all members
    • Zoom level: Weekly
    • Report duration : 1 Year
  4. Click Run.

The resource availability report has blank rows.

Scheduled Job Processing


A worker thread does not reset its session domain before executing a scheduled job A background worker thread executes scheduled jobs. However, these scheduled jobs could execute a script that refers to some data in a different domain. The problem here is that since it does not reset the session domain when it picks up a new scheduled job, the glide record queries that it might make across different domains could thus fail.

Security Incident Response


Security Incident Response Opening a Security Incident template from a list takes longer than 1000 seconds When a user with a large number of groups tries to create a Security Incident template, the page hangs.
  1. Navigate to Security Incident Templates.
  2. Create a new security incident template.

    Observe slowness.

  3. Open a record in the list of incident templates.

    Observe slowness.

Security Incident Response


Security Incident Response 'Add Activity' UI action is showing up on the Security Incident record even when 'Enable Task Activities' is turned off in Configuration
  1. Activate the 'Security Incident Response' plugin.
  2. Navigate to Security Incident > Administration > Configuration.
  3. Under Add-ons, turn on the Enable Task Activities option.
  4. Open a Security Incident record.

    Notice that the 'Add Activity' UI action button shows up on the form.

  5. Under Add-ons, turn off the Enable Task Activities option.

    The UI action button still shows up on the form.

Expected behavior: The UI action button should not show up when 'Enable Task Activities' is turned off.

Actual behavior: The UI action button always shows up.

Security Incident Response


Vulnerability Response Concurrency issues with Vulnerability Response integrations via MID Server

Security Incident Response


Qualys Vulnerability Integration Issues with platform XML loader that processes the Qualys detection XML The platform XML loader that processes the Qualys detection XML only reads the first 10 target elements to determine what fields should be processed.

Server Side Scripting



Very large filter scripts are compiled even when com.glide.script.filter.interpreted.mode = true, causing metaspace memory issues

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog



Variables section is cut off on request Item page and HTML text field does not display Variables section is cut off on request Item page, and the HTML text field is not shown if the item has an HTML type variable.
  1. Log in to a local instance as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.
  3. Create a new item, right-click in the header to choose Configure > Form Layout, and add some variables of different types (for example, Multiple choice, Check box, and so on).
  4. Add a variable of type HTML and click Save.
  5. Order the item, and access the Request Number on Order Status page.
  6. Click the Request Item number and verify the variables section.
  7. For additional testing, try the following scenario:
    1. Open the Request Item page and open the request using TryIt page.
    2. Right-click in the header and choose Configure > Form Layout.
    3. In the slushbucket, move the VI editor from the selected to the available list and and from the available to the selected list. Note the result each time when you change the VI editor position.

The variable section is cut off, and the HTML variable name appears but not the related text field.

Service Catalog


'Continue Shopping' button does not get set correctly when the catalog was accessed through sc_cat_item content type via list block

When a user has a list of content in CMS that points to sc_cat_item records, the catalog view and catalog sys ID do not get set correctly. This causes the default of order_things to get used for 'Continue Shopping', instead of what is specified in the sites related list on the catalog record itself.

If a user has changed or removed the order_things page, they will see a 'page not found' error.

In a Geneva or later instance:

  1. Navigate to the Order Things page in CMS.
  2. Rename the URL from order_things to be order_things_oob and save.
  3. Navigate to Maintain Catalogs > Service Catalog > Sites.
  4. Update the "CMS Homepage" and "CMS 'Continue Shopping' page" fields for the Employee Self-Service entry to be order_things_oob.

    This will allow the "Continue Shopping" button to point to the order_things_oob URL, which is valid because of the changes made in step 2.

  5. Create a new CMS page for the Employee Self-Service site.
  6. Use the Add Content feature to add the "Order Computers" list block to the page.

    This is a list block that adds active=true and category=hardware sc_cat_item records to the list.

  7. Preview the CMS page.
  8. Click one of the links in the page and add the item to your cart.
  9. Click Continue Shopping.

Users get a page not found error against order_things.

Service Catalog


Container is not hiding if a checkbox variable is the last one which is getting hidden using UI policy

Service Mapping


The identification engine can fail, and the map does not show all items This issue occurs when a DNS cluster is detected both on the MID Server and using the cmdb_ip_address_dns_name table.

Service Mapping


Under certain conditions, Service Mapping discovery fails when using SSH The SSH layer used by Service Mapping fails to connect to the UNIX system when the .profile script is prompting for additional input.

Configure a user on a Linux system so there is a .profile script asking for some input during login.

Note that Service Mapping fails to discover this system using SSH.

Service Mapping


When two distinct CIs in different services are connected to the same clustered CI, both source hosts appear as associated with both services in svc_ci_assoc

Service Mapping


Service Watch fix script prolongs upgrades, and security constraints prevent selection of Service field
  • Upgrade duration is significantly longer due to a Service Watch fix script.
  • During fix script execution, security constraints appear to prevent users from selecting the Service field.

The following procedure only applies after upgrades from Geneva and when the Event Management plugin (com.glideapp.itom.snac) is active before the upgrade.

In order to activate the fix for this PRB:
  1. Log in as an admin user.
  2. Navigate to System Definition > Scheduled Jobs.
  3. Search for a job named Event Management – Import impact rules.

    If you are unable to find the job, no additional action is required.

  4. If the job exists, open it.
  5. Click Execute Now.

Service Portal


Record producer in Service Portal places variable sets in different order in the variable editor When creating a record (for example, an incident) via a record producer in Service Portal, the variables are added to the variable editor in a different order than when they were created via the regular Service Catalog. The record created by Service Portal puts the variables in order without respecting the variable sets. The records created outside of Service Portal respect the order of the variable sets.

Service Portal


Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management Activity Stream is not visible in incidents For some upgraded instances, the activity stream is not visible in incidents. This issue does not affect zbooted instances.
  1. Navigate to the HI Service Portal.
  2. Open an incident.

Note that the activity stream is not displayed.

Service Portal



Multiple instances of '-- None --' appear in Service Portal dropdown (select) boxes when populated by addOption or removed via removeOption from Catalog Client Script When a dropdown (select) box is populated via addOption and -- None -- is added, multiple instances of -- None -- appear in the list even though 'Unique values only' is selected in the variable configuration.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Portal


SCSS Bootstrap Theme Currency symbol is missing from currency and price field types in form widget In Service Portal, the form widget request record's price field does not have the currency symbol.
  1. Open any service request (sc_request) in an instance which has a price configured.
  2. Copy the sys_id.
  3. Open the same using the following in the Service Portal: <instance>/sp?id=form&table=sc_request&sys_id=<sys_id>

Notice the price field does not contain the currency symbol.

Service Portal


Catalog client scripts cannot be fetched from a scoped application A custom Catalog Item page inside of a scoped Service Portal does not fetch or execute the UI policies or catalog client scripts. It errors out because the script includes that do this are not accessible to all scopes.
  1. Create a scoped application and switch to that scope.
  2. Clone the SC Cat Item page.
  3. Clone the SC Cat Item widget.
  4. Use the cloned widget in the cloned page's SC catalog item widget instance.
  5. Try to use that cloned page to fetch a catalog item with a UI policy or catalog client script.

Service Portal


NG shared components Service Portal catalog reference field behaves strangely when search term includes a period (dot / . ) In Service Portal, if a user runs a search for a string that contains periods in the catalog reference field, everything up to and including the first period is dropped from the query, and everything else is treated as a contains. For example, searching for hello.stuff.1 ends up doing a LIKE '%stuff.1%'
  1. Go to the User table.
  2. Pick a few users and change their IDs to these:
    • first.last.1
    • first.last.2
    • second.last.3
    • second.last.4
    • stuff.last.3
  3. Pick any Service Catalog item and add a reference variable (reference to: User table).
  4. Update the variable attribute's value to: ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter,ref_ac_columns=user_name,ref_ac_columns_search=true

When you search "first.last.", it should only return two entries, not five.

Service Portal


Ticket Conversations widget limits journal fields to 100 entries

If there are more than 100 entries in the Ticket Conversations widget, the user cannot see the subsequent comments.

To activate the fix for this PRB in Helsinki and Istanbul, create the system property glide.service_portal.stream_readable and set it to true. When this property is set to true, Service Portal will first prune Activity fields a user cannot read before generating the journal entry stream. For details, see Ticket Conversations widget.

  1. Configure a Service Portal page with the Ticket Conversations widget.
  2. Set up an incident with an Additional Comment as the oldest journal entry, where the Caller is an end user with no role.
  3. Add 99 work notes, totaling 100 journal entries.
  4. View the incident on the Service Portal.

As an admin user, all conversations are included in the widget. As an end user with no role, only the Additional Comment is visible.

System Applications


The g_form setDisplay/setMandatory is not working in scoped catalog client scripts

The problem exists in scoped_object_generators.js ScopedGFormGenerator(scope) class.

Using g_form setDisplay/ setManadatory functions in scoped catalog client does not work as expected. This occurs when a user prepends "variables" before the field name for any form operations.

Transaction and Session Management



Canceling a homepage can cause CellRenderThread threads to wait indefinitely Under the right cancellation circumstances, the CellRenderThread can get stuck.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Unified Compliance Framework (UCF)



The root UCF control (control 0) fails to download

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Upgrade Engine Issues



Upgrading the com.snc.service plugin overwrites changes made to the sys_user Dictionary record

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Usage Analytics


Subscription Management notifications are confusing
In Helsinki, Subscription Management has two types of notifications:
  1. Users are notified every time their instance receives a new subscription record. This notification is sent for existing subscriptions as well as new subscriptions.
  2. Users are notified about overallocation once a month if the 'Allocated' value is greater than the 'Purchased' value.

Both of these notifications are confusing and should be disabled.

In an instance with Subscription Management:
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Allocate too many users to a subscription
    • Have too many discovered nodes, devices, or servers for a Discovery subscription
    • Exceed an All User subscription by having excessive active users
  2. Reach the start of a new month (the messages are generated on the first day of each month around ~6am).

Note a message is sent to all admins if no admin has the usage_admin role (otherwise, the messages are only sent to usage_admin).

User Interface (UI)


List v3 Components Error when accessing System Properties > Basic Configuration module An ampersand value in the sys_user choices of the time_zone element breaks the "Basic Configuration" module. Users see the error: "The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference".
  1. Add a new choice to the time_zone element of sys_user.
  2. Navigate to sys_choice.list.
  3. Click New.
  4. Complete the fields with the following data:
    • Table = User [sys_user]
    • Element = time_zone
    • Label = Test &amp; Test
    • Value = Test &amp; Test
  5. Make sure the Inactive field is unchecked.
  6. Save the record.
  7. Try to navigate to the System Properties > Basic Configuration module.

There is a blank page with the error "The entity name must immediately follow the '&amp;' in the entity reference."

User Interface (UI)


Fixed queries are not part of the export query in v3

Visual Task Boards


Visual Task Boards VTB notification emails are sent from "" The expected sent-from address is "".
  1. Trigger a notification email from VTB.
  2. Note that the sent-from address is

Vulnerability Response


Threat Intelligence, Security Support Common Process Scan Queue job triggers unoptimized SQL statements These slow queries can result in performance issues.




Stage field on the task table does not show the workflow stages in the current format when adding the field from an extended table The Stage field on the task table does not show the workflow stages in the current format when adding the field from an extended table.
  1. Navigate to System Properties > UI Properties.
  2. For the property Allow base tables list to include extended table, select Yes.
  3. Click Save.
  4. In the Application Navigator, type task.list in the Filter navigator and click enter or return on your keyboard.
  5. Create a filter for requested items by specifying the following: [Number] [starts with] [RITM].
  6. Click the menu icon and select List Layout.
  7. Add the Stage [Requested Item] column to the Selected list.
  8. Click Save.

Note that the stage column just added displays as a string field rather than as a workflow stages field.

Other Helsinki Patch 10 information

Fixes included with Helsinki Patch 10

* Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.