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Performance Analytics upgrade information

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Performance Analytics upgrade information

Performance Analytics upgrade information for the Helsinki release.

Maintain scores and snapshots per frequency

The duration that scores and snapshots are maintained now differs for each indicator frequency.

The properties and replaced the properties and The new properties accept a semicolon-separated list of numbers; each number indicates how many periods to keep scores or snapshots for an indicator frequency.

The length of each period depends on the indicator frequency. For example, daily scores are kept for 732 days by default, or weekly scores for 105 weeks.

Review these properties after upgrading to Helsinki. If you set a custom value for either or, Performance Analytics uses the custom values for all frequencies in the and properties.
Note: This may cause non-daily periods to be stored for longer than expected. For example, if you set a custom value of 900 days for, after upgrade scores for all frequencies will be stored for 900 periods, such as 900 days for daily scores and 900 months for monthly scores. Modify the new properties to adjust how long to maintain scores and snapshots.

You can also specify the number of periods to maintain scores and snapshots for individual indicators using the Collection periods section of the Indicator form.