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Service Catalog release notes

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Service Catalog release notes

ServiceNow® Service Catalog application enhancements and updates in the Helsinki release.

Activation information

Active by default.

New in the Helsinki release

Multi-catalog management
Catalog ownership has been implemented using the catalog_admin and catalog_editor roles. The catalog administrator defines managers and editors.
Diagnostic and debugging utilities
A diagnostic related link has been added to catalog items to show the health of the item. Debugging of catalog UI policies has also been added.
Additional REST and scoped APIs
Additional Service Catalog APIs have been added for debugging. REST responses can be monitored for troubleshooting.

Changed in this release

  • Order guide enhancements: Support for mapping order guide variables with items has been added. The two-step checkout process has been improved to order only items added by the order guide. A three-step order guide checkout process has also been added.
  • Shopping cart improvements: The shopping cart has been enhanced to include a single consolidated order button instead of multiple order button options.
  • Variable improvements: Support for a reference qualifier has been added to the List Collector variable to limit records. Support for glide list UI has also been added to the List Collector variable.
  • List v3: Service Catalog currently does not support List v3.