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Discovery release notes

Discovery release notes

ServiceNow® Discovery application enhancements and updates in the Helsinki release.

Activation information

Discovery is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the ServiceNow platform and requires the Discovery plugin. To purchase a subscription, contact your ServiceNow account manager or sales representative.

New in the Helsinki release

Managing virtual machines removed from VMware vCenter
When a VMware vCenter CI, such as a virtual machine, is removed on vCenter, the ServiceNow instance marks it as "stale" in the CMDB, either by running Discovery or by collecting vCenter events.
Discovery domain separation
All configuration item (CI) data collected by Discovery is domain separated, as well as data from other, selected tables.
Pattern designer for Discovery
The pattern designer creates sequences of commands that Discovery uses to discover devices and applications. The pattern designer replaces the probes and sensors of the current Discovery logic and includes a robust tool for debugging patterns. The Discovery application comes with a set of preconfigured patterns that cover most of the commonly used devices and applications.
Relationship between an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance and the host CI
Discovery creates a Virtualized by::Virtualized relationship between the cmdb_ci_ec2_instance record and a Windows or Linux host after Discovery runs on the host.
DNS name resolution for F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM)
Discovery can resolve the DNS name of the F5 GTM hardware and the DNS names of all the servers associated with the load balancer that receive distributed traffic.
SNMP probe parameter
An SNMP probe parameter enables the use of simplified retrieval and handling of scalar values from SNMP devices.
Discovery quick start
The Discovery quick start is an optional guided process for configuring the MID Server, creating credentials, and scheduling a simple discovery.
MAC address verification
A system property called glide.discovery.enable_mac_address_verification prevents Discovery from generating incorrect device information when the IP address of a device changes during Discovery. The system passes the MAC address of each device being discovered to the MID Server to determine if the IP address for that device has changed.

Changed in this release

  • Application Profile Discovery (APD) is deprecated. Instances upgraded from a previous release can continue to use APD, but the feature is not available for new instances.
  • Identification of VM instances, templates, and virtual machines in vCenter has changed. In addition to improvements to mapping VM instance and templates to virtual machines, Discovery identifies VM instances and templates using the vCenter Instance UUID + the VM Instance UUID. These elements were identified formerly using only the correlation ID, which was merely the BIOS UUID in a different format. In certain circumstances, this method resulted in duplicate CIs. For details, see the Multiple VM instances or VM templates can be mapped to the same configuration item (CI) record [KB0565052] article in the HI Knowledge Base.
  • The Discovery of VMware Workstation is no longer supported.