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Cloud Management release notes

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Cloud Management release notes

ServiceNow® Cloud Management application enhancements and updates in the Helsinki release.

Activation information

Cloud Management requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel.

New in the Helsinki release

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Config Integration
Real-time events from cloud providers can be received so that changes are reflected immediately instead of waiting for the next discovery. Cloud users can view updates to cloud resources as they occur.
Combined cost and usage reports
Cost and usage reports include all providers. Reports can also be enhanced with the Performance Analytics Content Pack for Cloud Management plugin.
Addition of Microsoft Azure generic VM catalog item
A sample VM catalog item using the ARM template (Azure VM instance – Advanced) has been added.
Discovery reconciliation
If a Microsoft Azure or AWS resource is removed outside of the instance and cannot be discovered, its state is marked empty. It is automatically filtered from the Virtual Asset portal and list view, and the relationship to the parent is removed.

Changed in this release

  • VMware vCenter integrated into Discovery framework: A discovery schedule and on-demand discovery are supported for VMware vCenter.
  • Microsoft Azure and VMware vCenter underutilized resource reports: Metrics are generated hourly and used to calculate the daily average utilization (a cost is associated with data storage). Diagnostics must be enabled on the Azure Portal only.
  • AWS enhanced generic EC2 catalog item: The AWS generic EC2 catalog item has been enhanced.
  • AWS tagging integrated into generic tagging framework: AWS tagging has been enhanced to display keys and values. However, previous tags with sys_ids are still supported.
  • Microsoft Azure discovery integrated into Discovery: Microsoft Azure installation is unnecessary for discovery through Discovery.