CMDB release notes

ServiceNow® CMDB application enhancements and updates in the Helsinki release.

Activation information

Active by default.

New in the Helsinki release

CMDB Health
Tools and dashboards for monitoring and viewing CMDB health reports. CMDB health is monitored in these major categories:
  • Completeness: Measures the percentage of required and recommended fields that are populated in CIs.
  • Correctness: Measures the percentage of CIs that pass pre-defined data integrity rules such as identification rules, orphan CI rules, and stale CI rules.
  • Compliance: Uses audit tests to measure the level that the CMDB data adheres to pre-defined certificates.
  • Relationships: Measures the health of CI relationships in terms of indicators such as orphan and duplicate relationships.
CI Class Manager
A central location for exploring the CMDB class hierarchy, the CI definition, CI health, and other CI-related items. Enables creation of CI-related definitions, such as identifiers.

Changed in this release

  • Desired State Certification (com.snc.certification_desired_state) plugin:
    • Activated by default.
    • This plugin requires the Certification Core (com.snc.certification_core) plugin, which is also activated by default.
    • Added the system property. When this property is set to false, the same follow on tasks can be used for the same failure, across multiple audit runs.
  • Relationship types: Added the Prevent duplicate relation type business rule that prevents the creation of relationship types in which the parent or child descriptor are identical.
  • Extended CMDB (com.snc.extended_cmdb) plugin: Updated various table definitions to allow categorization of various extended CMDB tables within new and existing CMDB plugins. The following CMDB plugins were added:
    • CMDB Mainframe (com.snc.cmdb.mainframe)
    • CMDB Radio Category (
    • CMDB Telecom Category (com.snc.cmdb.telecom.category)
    • CMDB Test Equipment (
    Many of the tables from the Extended CMDB plugin were moved to the core Configuration Management (CMDB) (com.snc.cmdb) plugin, or to one of the newly added plugins. Now, the Extended CMDB plugin along with these added plugins contain these tables:
    • cmdb_ci_antenna_radio
    • cmdb_ci_audio_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_battery_azer_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_ber_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_channel_bank_transport
    • cmdb_ci_comm_anaylzer_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_console_radio
    • cmdb_ci_controller_mainframe
    • cmdb_ci_control_station_radio
    • cmdb_ci_conventional_radio
    • cmdb_ci_cpu_mainframe
    • cmdb_ci_dacs_transport
    • cmdb_ci_dasd_mainframe
    • cmdb_ci_data_anaylzer_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_ds1_ds3_oc3_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_ds1_ds3_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_ds1_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_ds3_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_feedline_radio
    • cmdb_ci_fote_transport
    • cmdb_ci_frad_transport
    • cmdb_ci_freq_counter_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_freq_meter_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_iface_shelf_transport
    • cmdb_ci_isdn_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_key_system_voice
    • cmdb_ci_mainframe_printer
    • cmdb_ci_mas_radio
    • cmdb_ci_memory_mainframe
    • cmdb_ci_microwave_radio
    • cmdb_ci_mobile_radio
    • cmdb_ci_mux_transport
    • cmdb_ci_mw_freq_cntr_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_mw_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_omux_transport
    • cmdb_ci_optical_transport
    • cmdb_ci_oscilloscope_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_otdr_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_pbx_voice
    • cmdb_ci_peripheral_mainframe
    • cmdb_ci_portable_radio
    • cmdb_ci_power_meter_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_radio_hardware
    • cmdb_ci_repeater_radio
    • cmdb_ci_signal_gen_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_spectrum_azer_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_switch_port
    • cmdb_ci_tape_mainframe
    • cmdb_ci_tdr_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_telecom_hardware
    • cmdb_ci_terminal_mainframe
    • cmdb_ci_terminal_transport
    • cmdb_ci_test_eq_hardware
    • cmdb_ci_transmission_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_transport_hardware
    • cmdb_ci_trunking_radio
    • cmdb_ci_unlicensed_radio
    • cmdb_ci_voicemail_voice
    • cmdb_ci_voice_hardware
    • cmdb_ci_wattmeter_test_eq
    • cmdb_ci_windows_cluster
  • Identification and reconciliation:
    • If Domain Support - Domain Extensions is active, the identification engine enforces domain separation.
      • During the identification process, only CIs in which the domain ID is identical to the domain of the currently logged user, are processed.
      • Duplicate CIs across domains, including parent and child domains, are not considered duplicate CIs by the identification engine.
    • Users with the admin role can create reconciliation and staleness rules to reconcile stale CI attributes by an authorized data source with lower priority. You can use details about the last data source that writes to each attribute that is captured in the Data Source History [cmdb_datasource_last_update] table.
    • Users with the admin role can configure how the identification engine handles duplicate CIs.
    • These system properties were added to control how identification processes a small set of duplicate CIs:
      • Skip Duplicate (glide.identification_engine.skip_duplicates): If true, the identification process selects the oldest of the duplicates as a match, and updates the CI.
      • Skip Duplicate Threshold (glide.identification_engine.skip_duplicates.threshold): The maximum number of CIs that can be in a set of duplicate CIs to allow processing, according to the Skip Duplicate setting.
  • History timeline view: Added a timeline for the related records of the CI, and added notation for baselines on the timeline.