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Use embedded lists

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Use embedded lists

Some lists may be embedded in forms.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

Note: Embedded lists are not supported in List v3. Embedded lists always display in List v2.

Changes to embedded lists are saved when the form is saved. For more information, see Edit a form.

Use the following controls to work with an embedded list.


  • To expand or collapse an embedded list, click the expand (Expand) or collapse (Collapse) icon in the list header.
  • To add a new row, double-click Insert a new row...
  • To edit a row, double-click in an empty area of the field. See Use the list editor.
  • To delete a row, click the delete icon (Delete condition) beside the row.
    New rows are removed immediately and existing rows are designated for deletion when the record is saved. To clear this designation, click the delete icon again.
    Figure 1. Embedded list
    Embedded list