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List fields

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List fields

Fields display data and provide certain functions.

Note: Some of the options displayed in the field context menu depend on the user role and the installed features.
Table 1. Field functions
Title Description
Links Open the associated record in form view. Click the first column field to open the current record. You can also click a link to a related record in other columns to go to that record.
Editing Changes the information in one or more records. For more information, see Methods for list edits.
Reference icon (Reference icon in UI16 and UI15, Reference icon in UI11) Provides a preview of the record.

In List v3, click the icon to open a preview, which stays open until you click elsewhere. The preview contains a button to open the record.

In List v2, point to the reference icon to open a preview, which closes when you move the cursor unless you hold the Shift key (or the Alt key on some UK keyboards). Click the reference icon to open the record in form view.

Context menu
Also called a right-click menu, offers several options, including:
  • Quick filter options, such as Show Matching and Filter Out.
  • The option to copy the record URL to the clipboard.
  • The option to copy the sys_id of the record to the clipboard (administrators only).
  • Quick edit options, such as Assign to me, Approve, and Reject.
  • The option to edit the record tags, which provide quick access to frequently referenced or urgent information. When a tag is assigned to a record in UI16 or UI15, the record is displayed on the Tagged Documents page. In UI11, a link to the record is displayed in the application navigator under the assigned tag.
  • Options specific to features such as Live Feed and Visual Task Boards.