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Use List v3 split mode

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Use List v3 split mode

In List v3, you can view lists and forms side by side in split mode.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

In split mode, you can select a record from a compact view of the list, to open it in the adjacent form pane.


  1. Open a v3 list.
  2. In the list title bar, select Split in the list mode toggle.
    In the list mode toggle, which appears by the search field, you can select Grid or Split mode
    Note: The list mode toggle is not available in grouped or related lists.
    The list reloads in split mode.
    List v3 split mode displays a compact list of records on the left. A record is highlighted in the list, and the form view appears in a larger pane to the right.
  3. Perform any of the following actions to filter the list.
    Edit the filter conditions
    1. Click the filter icon (Filter icon) to open the Edit Filter window.
    2. Add, remove, or edit conditions as you would in the standard List v3 filter interface. For more information, see Create a filter in List v3.
    3. Click Run.
    View all breadcrumbs
    1. Click the filter icon (Filter icon) to open the Edit Filter window.
    2. Add or remove conditions using the breadcrumbs. For more information, see .
    3. Right-click a breadcrumb to access the breadcrumb context menu. For more information about breadcrumbs and conditions, and the breadcrumb context menu, see Filters and breadcrumbs.
    View additional filter options
    1. Click the more options icon (More options icon) by the filter.
    2. Select any of the following options.
      • Sort Filter: Edit the sort order for the list.
      • Load Filter: Apply a previously saved filter.
      • Save Filter: Save the current filter for future use.
  4. Right-click a record in the list to access the following options.
    • Copy URL
    • Copy sys_id
  5. Click a record in the list to open it in the adjacent form pane.