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Use a grouped list in List v3

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Use a grouped list in List v3

You can find information by grouping a list by a particular field. In the grouped by list view, you can change the grouped list focus, hide the visualization panel, or switch the graph view.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Right-click the column heading for the column to group by, and then select Group By <column name>.
    To undo a grouping, click Ungroup in the list footer.
    The system groups the list by the column values and opens the grouping panel.

    Grouped list in List v3

  2. Use any of the following actions to work with grouped records.
    Show or hide a group In the Show All tab of the grouping panel, clear or select the check box by a group.
    Focus on specific groups In the Show Selected tab of the grouping panel, clear the check boxes of any groups you do not want to see.
    Switch the graph view between a pie graph and a bar graph In the grouping panel, use the graph toggle.
    Show or hide the grouping panel In the list footer, click Toggle group by.
    Note: The maximum number of records shown per group is the number of records per page in list view.