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Column headings in List v3

Column headings in List v3

Column headings appear at the top of each column in List v3.

These headings display column names and provide some list options. Column headings are stationary at the top of the list and do not scroll with list content.

Note: Some of the options displayed in the list context menu depend on the user role and the installed applications.
Table 1. Column heading controls
Title Description
Sorting Click the column name to sort the list in ascending order. Click again to sort in reverse order. An arrow by the column name indicates the column currently being sorted as well as the sort direction. A downward pointing arrow indicates the column is sorted in descending order.
List column context menu Access this menu, also called a right-click menu, by clicking the menu icon ( ) at the top of a list column or by right-clicking the column heading. The list context menu offers the following controls.
  • Sort (a to z) and (z to a): Sort in ascending or descending order.
  • Group By: Aggregate records by a field. For more information, see Use a grouped list in List v3.
  • Bar Chart and Pie Chart: Create quick bar and pie chart reports based on the filter criteria of the list. Users can then modify these reports or create gauges (depending on access rights).
  • Show Visual Task Board: Create a Visual Task Board based on the current list.
Search (Search icon) Enables the column search. For more information, see Search by one or more columns in a list.

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