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List v3 split mode

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List v3 split mode

In List v3, split mode lets users view a list and form side by side, in a split pane layout.

Split mode differs from the standard list mode, called grid mode. In grid mode, lists display records in a table view, with several columns. An administrator can activate List v3.

List v3 split mode is similar to the list and form view available in UI15. However, List v3 split mode consolidates information from multiple columns into a single row. List v3 split mode does not support multiple form tabs.

Note: Users with the personalize_control role can make split mode the default view for a list, by configuring the list controls and setting the Default view mode field to Split.

When you open a record in split mode, Display type business rules are evaluated twice, once for each pane. This double evaluation might have an impact on performance. Consider this impact when creating business rules.

List pane configuration

Figure 1. List pane in split mode
List pane in split mode
In split mode, the title of the list card is either a default value or it is configured in System Mobile UI > Table Titles.
Important: Table title records are used in the mobile application as well as in the list pane. You can change the title for any table or add a title record for a different table, however, the change affects the mobile user interface (UI).

For example, in split mode the default title for the Departments [cmn_department] table is the department Name. If you create a table title record to display the Description field as the Department list card title, the Departments list appears in the mobile application.

Other fields that appear in the list card are specified in the base system and cannot be modified.