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Edit a form

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Edit a form

You can edit a record in the form view.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Navigate to the form.
    If another user is looking at the same record, you see their avatar with a green dot in the form header. If more than one user is viewing the record, the avatar is a number, and you can point your cursor to it to see the names.
  2. Enter appropriate data.
    Note: Depending on system setup, the data entered in a form can affect other options on the form or change its appearance. For example, if you select a status of Closed for an incident, a required Close Notes field may appear. Administrators can create custom form effects in various ways, including UI policies and client scripts.
  3. Save the record using one of these methods:
    • Click Submit or Update to save changes and return to the previously viewed page.
    • Right-click the form header and select Save to save changes without leaving form view.
    • Right-click the form header and select Insert or Insert and Stay to save the data to a new record instead of updating the current record. For more information, see Insert a record.
    On UI16 forms, fields update dynamically and display a field update iconField update iconto indicate changes made by other users. You can point to the field update icon to see which user made the update. This dynamic indication helps to prevent users from accidentally overwriting each other's work.
    Note: If you entered a different value from the value saved by the other user, the system does not update the field automatically. Change your value manually to match value entered by the other user. Otherwise, you overwrite the change when you save the record.
    The screen capture shows two fields, watch list and impact, with updated field icons. The watch list field also has a message describing the change.