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A form displays information from one record in a data table.

The specific information depends on the type of record displayed. Users can view and edit records in forms. Administrators can configure what appears on forms.

Figure 1. UI16/UI15 form elements
UI16 and UI15 form elements
Table 1. Form elements
Form element Function
Form header Provides navigation tools and actions related to the record.
Fields Store specific data about the record.
Sections Group related information on the form. Users can collapse or display sections using tabs.
Related links Provide access to additional functions based on record type and system setup. Administrators can add related links to forms using UI actions.
Related lists Display records in other tables that have relationships to the current record.
Embedded lists Allow for editing related lists without having to navigate away from the form. Changes are saved when the form is saved.
Response time indicator Appears at the bottom of some forms to indicate the processing time required to display the form.