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UI16 form header

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UI16 form header

The form header displays the title of the form (table) and provides a number of controls.

The UI16 form header includes the following controls.

Figure 1. Form header UI16
Form header UI16
Table 1. UI16 form header controls
Control Icon Description
Back back icon Navigates to the previously viewed page without saving changes.
Form context menu form context menu icon Appears when a user clicks the menu icon beside the form title or right-clicks the form header. This is also called a right-click menu.
Attachments attachments icon Allows users to view and add attachments to the record. For more information, see Add an attachment.
Show activity stream show activity stream icon Moves focus to the journal entry section of the form.
Personalize form personalize form icon Opens the form personalization menu. For more information, see Personalize a form.
More optionsMore options icon
Email email icon Opens an email window.
Template bar edit tags icon Opens a bar at the bottom of the form and lists available templates.
Annotations annotations icon Displays on-form annotations. For more information, see Administering form annotations.
Tags edit tags icon Displays the option to create custom tags and categorize documents. For more information, see Tags.
Remaining controls
Submit or Update Saves changes and returns to the previously viewed page.
Related actions Provides standard actions in the form header for some tables, such as Close Incident or Resolve Incident in incident.
Delete Deletes the record from the list.
Previous and Next previous iconnext icon Opens the previous and next record on the list from which the record was accessed.