Embedded lists

Some forms may show related lists as embedded. Changes to embedded lists are saved when the form is saved.

Note: Embedded lists are not supported in List v3. Embedded lists always display in List v2.
Use these controls to work with an embedded list. For more information, see Edit a form.
Table 1. Working with embedded lists
Task Icon Action
Expand an embedded list expand embedded list icon Click the expand icon in the list header.
Collapse an embedded list collapse embedded list icon Click the collapse icon in the list header.
Insert a new row Double-click Insert a new row...
Edit a row Double-click in an empty area of that field. See Use the list editor.
Delete a row delete row icon Click the delete icon beside the row. New rows are removed immediately. Existing rows are designated for deletion when the record is saved. To clear this designation, click the delete icon again.
Figure 1. Embedded list
Embedded list