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Customize a bookmark

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Customize a bookmark

You can customize bookmark appearance and behavior.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Open the bookmark settings window from any of the following locations in the interface.
    Bookmark tooltip
    1. Point to the bookmark in the Edge.
    2. In the tooltip window, click Edit Bookmark.
    Bookmarks list
    1. Point to the all bookmarks icon in the Edge.
      • UI15: UI15 all bookmarks icon
      • UI11: UI11 all bookmarks icon
    2. Point to a bookmark in the list.
    3. Click the edit bookmark icon (Edit bookmark icon) by the bookmark name.
    Bookmark flyout
    1. Open a flyout bookmark.
    2. Click the edit bookmark icon in the corner of the flyout.
  2. Enter a Title.
  3. To open the bookmark link in a flyout window, select the Flyout check box and clear the Open in form pane check box.
    By default, the bookmark opens in the content pane. Selecting Flyout opens a window on top of the current screen without navigating away from your working panes.
    Note: Homepages that are set to refresh automatically should not be added as flyout bookmarks. These homepages refresh in the background, which can slow down performance for you and other users.
  4. Select the Show on edge check box to display the bookmark as a button on the Edge. Clear the check box to remove the button from the Edge; the bookmark still appears in the bookmark list.
  5. To change the bookmark image, click Image and then select from the list of available images.
  6. Click Update.